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How To Promote Mobility In Older Age

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As you get older, you need to deal with health problems that you were not used to experiencing before. Your immunity might get weaker, and you might not feel as strong as you used to. Additionally, you might start having problems with your mobility. You might not be able to walk as far or for as long as you have just a couple of years ago. So, it is important that you take steps that will help you to maintain a good quality of life.

Here are some suggestions on how to promote mobility in older age.

Include a walk in every day

Walking is an excellent exercise to do at any age. The movement will help you to improve your mobility and provide you with other benefits to your health. For instance, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air. Spending time outside will help you to improve your mood and help you to sleep better later. If you are having difficulty moving, companies like Rollz can provide you with a rollator that will make your walks much easier and more enjoyable. Remember that you should not strain yourself. Instead, start walking in your home and at short distances.

Do not underestimate the Importance of warm-up and cooldown

Warm-ups and cooldowns should be a part of any workout routine, no matter how old you are. When you are older, you should warm up your muscles before you get into an exercise. It does not need to be anything too straining or difficult. Even if you start your exercise with a few simple stretches, your muscles and joints will be able to feel the difference. On the other hand, doing a short cooldown after exercising will help you recover. That way, your muscles will not feel as sore the next day.

Keep stretching your body regularly

When you grow older and start to experience mobility problems, you might also find out that you are becoming less flexible. To maintain your muscles and joints in good health, it is important that you stretch regularly. As you work to improve your flexibility, you might notice that you are also becoming more mobile again. Your joints might be able to move better and make your everyday life more pleasant. A stretching routine can also help your muscles to glide on each other better. As a result, you might start feeling less stiff.

Explore the variety of low-impact cardio activities

Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is one of the key elements to keeping your mobility at an older age. Additionally, you might be able to support your longevity. If you are feeling up for it, some of the low-impact cardio activities can be Zumba or swimming. Activities such as Zumba can help you to become a part of a community, and the music and movement could help you to become happier. On the other hand, swimming can be very easy for your joints. At the same time, you will be able to work on more muscle groups and improve your strength.

Improve your balance and coordination

According to the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, around a third of people aged 65 and over fall at least once a year. Good balance and coordination are key to ensuring that you are safe as you move. Working on these qualities will help you to minimise the risk of tripping or slipping as you walk. In order to improve your balance and coordination, you might want to consider trying activities such as yoga or Tai Chi. Both activities help you to focus on breathing and slow movements. That way, you will be able to improve your strength, stretch and focus on your breathing simultaneously.

Maintain a good posture

In order to improve your mobility and build up your strength, it’s important to take care of your spinal health. To maintain a healthy spine, you need to keep it in a neutral position and make sure that you have a good posture. If you want to make a real difference in your mobility, you need to look after your posture in all situations. Luckily, there are many things that can help you on the way to a healthy spine. For instance, you can equip your home with ergonomic chairs that will help you to sit straight. Slouching your back can lead to further health issues such as back pain or damage to your joints. For those who need scoliosis treatment, your GP, specialists and physios can advise on helping your posture.

Look after your nutrition

Mobility is a part of your health. And naturally, you need to look after your diet in order to keep your health in good condition. To get the most nutrients in a natural form, make sure that your diet is balanced. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. That way, you will be able to boost your health with many of the vitamins that appear in whole foods that have not been processed. You should also try to include some fish in your diet. Then, your body will get more Omega-3 fatty acids, and your joints will have an easier time moving.

Try to make your muscles stronger

Another thing that can help you to promote your mobility is to make your muscles stronger. Of course, you do not need to dive into any workouts that are too strenuous. Instead, try to do some light resistance training. Even a little goes a long way. Therefore, you do not need to do too much to make a true difference to your muscles, joints and overall health. For example, you can try to do some exercises with light dumbbells. To avoid any injuries, try doing only some easier exercises like arm raises or bicep curls. And if you add walking to your exercise routine, you will be able to build up some strength in your legs. Through this, you can maintain your muscle mass and stay mobile and healthy for longer.

Boost your health with proper supplements

You might not be able to get all the needed nutrients into your body through the diet alone. In that case you could invest in some proper supplements that will help you to boost your health. To make sure that your health is in check, you need to see a doctor regularly. With blood tests, they will be able to find out if you have a deficiency of any important vitamins. If you are ever in doubt, consult a medical professional who will be able to recommend to you which supplements could be good for your situation. With the right supplements, you might be able to make your joints, bones and muscles healthier.

Conclusion: make your lifestyle less sedentary

Maintaining your mobility is vital to keeping good health as you age. To make sure that your joints and muscles are in good condition, you need to include some movement in your daily life. If possible, avoid sitting for long periods of time. Instead, go for a walk every day and do some light exercises that will help you to get stronger. However, that is not the only advantage that being active offers. It will help you to become happier, and it might give you an opportunity to spend time with other people. Focus on your diet, keep your body moving, and socialise with others, and you will be able to rest assured that you will enjoy your retirement.

This article is a compilation of suggestions for better mobility from the world of health, exercise and nutrition. Please check with your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. 

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