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The Reality of Getting Older in 2023

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Despite some serious societal and wider issues, getting older in 2023 doesn’t need to be a burden. Of course, things change while we age, but there are many years of enjoyment left, especially if you are willing to make some positive changes. Here are a few things to know.

Common Issues, Easy Help

There are various common issues to experience as you age. such as wrinkles, changes to your skin, and dental problems. But  these can be managed with proper care and help – some on your part, but also care from others. If you are lucky, family members can help with issues like getting around. Yet there is more care than ever to relieve sciatica pain, strengthen your physical body and even beat mental health problems via remote care systems and the web.

Ageing Well, Not Staying Young

Vanity is something many of us experience, but it is hard win against time and nature. Some can argue that the secret to getting old gracefully is ageing well rather than trying to look young. No matter how much you try, without treatment that costs thousands, staying young-looking is very challenging unless you are lucky. Ageing well includes eating a healthier diet in response to physiological changes. The right medication, vitamins and physical exercise all go a long way.

Feeling Younger and Getting Older

As you age well, you can remain feeling younger. They say you are only as old as you feel, but that’s not strictly true. Some of the more physical things you enjoyed in your youth are not a good idea past a certain age. Becoming ‘elderly’, can mean lifestyle changes. However, even if you aren’t as physically active, it always helps to keep your mind sharp. Crosswords, board games and video games are shown as effective for this.

The Best Retirement Age

As mentioned, we are often considered ‘elderly’ in our mid-60s, and this is often in relation to retirement age. At this age, you may not be able to do your job as well, and issues like hearing loss can occur. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still do something, and many retirees find they can improve their well-being through social volunteer activities and  part-time jobs.

Friends, Family and Society

The reality of ageing is that your life does change. A lifetime of births, deaths and marriages make up your memories, good or bad. And you may lose touch with people or gain new friends. Friends and family are treasured things to have and can be the difference between good care and declining health. This helps avoid some of the larger societal issues, such as loneliness and isolation, that so many elderly people can experience.


Thanks to tech, there is help immediately available for some of the most common issues when getting older in 2023. However, you may not even feel old, but some lifestyle changes are still needed, and friends and family can help you cope with some of the worst issues of ageing.




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