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Becoming a grandma at 70 – tips and what to watch out for

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Becoming a first-time grandma might come early or late, depending on their child and how long it takes for them to get pregnant. Nonetheless, it means you get to face the emotional rollercoaster of seeing a new love right before you. You may also feel joyful yet nervous as you start on the journey of becoming a grandma.

But having a grandchild, especially when you are past your prime, might bring so much change that you might or might not expect. To guide you, here are some things that you need to watch out for.

 Tips for becoming a grandma at 70

Second motherhood

Becoming a grandma at 70 is like experiencing becoming a mother for the second time because your child would need your guidance and support. They can already stand on their own and make their own decisions, but they would need your help in their new role.

Second motherhood also means loving from another perspective, like giving hugs, comforting, and pampering your grandchildren. Take note that grandparents are considered to be the best friends of their grandchildren.

Change in lifestyle

If before, you have been accustomed to a lifestyle of being free from child-caring activities, that might drastically change when your grandchild comes. In this generation, grandparents are most likely to become present in the upbringing of their grandchild, whether it be generally being involved or caring for them from time to time.

Change in parenting style

As the generations change, there will also be changes in parenting styles. This generation’s parents might allow the child to be more independent, triggering the protective side of most grandparents. Some things might be different from how things were before, and it might cause a shock to a grandparent.

Offer help

You can act as another helping hand when your child needs one, especially if they ask for advice or assistance in mundane tasks that do not require much effort. You are there only to offer your help and guidance. Even if you know more about childcare and functioning as a parent, remember that your child is already a fully capable adult and a parent of their own.

Be open-minded

You should compromise with your child regarding what you can or cannot get involved with in respect for them as a parent. Years have passed, and the environment has changed, meaning some things might have changed even for parenting styles, so you might also need to accept such changes as long as they are not drastic.

Enjoy time with grandchildren

Grandparenting is not always rainbows and sunshine, but there’s nothing more important than enjoying your time with your grandchildren. It might be every day or just short meetings in a while, but you should cherish every moment, especially while you are still strong enough to bond with them.

Stay healthy

Given that you are already in your 70s, it is expected that you may not be as strong as you were ten years ago. It is normal to experience a decline in physical strength, aches in different body parts, and develop ailments that come with age. To fully enjoy this new part of your life, try to stay healthy by eating healthy foods, keeping active, and regularly having check-ups.

Grandparenting at 70

Although you might think it would be a bit late by 70 as you are not as youthful anymore, becoming a grandma brings immense joy and a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, regardless of age. Like any other grandma, there are not enough things to tackle what you might undergo, but knowing what to expect and learning some tips beforehand might help you as a first-time grandma.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

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