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Why Are Direct Cremations Good Alternatives To Traditional Funerals?

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COVID-19 has been a tremendous driving force behind the change in the way people have funerals today. It is not only because of the new restrictions against the number of people permitted at a funeral but also because of the higher costs involved and the time limit for planning.

A preferred route to take is that of a cremation without ceremony. Otherwise also known as a direct cremation.

Direct cremations have become a lot more frequent recently due to the few reasons mentioned. However, there are various other reasons as to why direct cremations are good alternatives to traditional funerals. In the following article, we will be breaking these down to give you a better understanding and to make your decision a little less stressful possibly.

Less Pressure On Planning

One of the most challenging parts about planning a traditional funeral is just that; the planning. Adding unnecessary pressure to an already grief-stricken situation is not healthy for anyone, let alone those directly involved with the planning process.

Direct cremations are becoming the favoured option because of the pressure it takes off of the deceased’s family to organise a funeral in a short amount of time. The family can make decisions regarding cremations in their own time, once the initial grieving period has eased. There is also no pressure on loved ones who do not live nearby to plan on such short notice.

Additionally, the nature of a direct cremation involves no ceremony or service at all. Therefore, the organisation of this option is a lot simpler, and the process is more streamlined.

More Grieving Time

When it comes to traditional funerals, the rush between the death and the burial allows hardly any time to grieve. So much planning goes into the ceremony that it can quickly feel as though no proper send-off has even happened by the time it is over.

Direct cremations offer the chance to have a genuine grieving period without the stress of any time constraints. This ties in with reduced time pressure mentioned in the previous point.

Lower Cost

Another fundamental reason why direct cremations are a great alternative to traditional funerals is the vastly lower cost.

Traditional funerals have become a high expense that many cannot afford anymore, making the death of a loved one even more challenging to overcome. Because direct cremations entail no service, no food or flower arrangements, nor any other add ons, the costs reduced immensely.

The lower cost also allows you and your family to have a private service or gathering at a later stage instead of rushing through one, days after the death. For family and friends that are far away, this alternative gives them a chance to make it through to a future send-off as well, possibly.

A Flexible, Meaningful Option

Finally, the idea that direct cremations offer flexibility appeals to many people as well. This point has to do with the time involved and the location of the cremation without ceremony. While some traditional funerals can be difficult to plan because of location constraints, direct cremations offer a more comprehensive range of options regarding where they take place.

Once the cremation has occurred, you have the opportunity to spread the ashes wherever it is meaningful to you and your loved ones. Again, you can choose when to do this as you will have the ashes with you. There are no time limits or deadlines to stick to, reassuring you that a proper send-off for your loved one can take place.

Direct cremations are becoming more and more favoured because of these reasons mentioned above, many of which could not have been predicted at the start of the year.

With COVID-19 still playing a role in how families choose to celebrate the lives of their loved ones this year, opting for more affordable alternatives has been an unfortunate but necessary factor when it comes to how loved ones are remembered and honoured.

The good thing about direct cremations is that you can still give your loved one the special goodbye you want to, just without any added stress and pressure. For many, this is enough to satisfy their decision and is one reason that numerous families have chosen a cremation without ceremony this year to honour their loved ones.


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