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What’s Included in a Direct Cremation Service?

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A Direct Cremation is the latest addition to funeral options, even though it really harks back to the old days when simple funerals were the norm. This option is a no-fuss and comparatively inexpensive funeral option. There is no service with mourners, nor any inclusions beyond the basics for legalities required after a death, saving time, money, and fuss. Whatever your reasons are it’s useful to know what’s included and excluded in a Direct Cremation so you can make an informed choice about what’s best. Read further for all the details.

What is Excluded?

To start, it’s worth considering exclusions – of which there are many. There are no inclusions that you would expect from a traditional funeral, but this is what makes Direct Cremation so popular.

  • No embalming.
  • No service or public event in a funeral home or crematorium.
  • No mourners are in attendance as your funeral directors handle all arrangements.
  • No fuss or extras, including flowers, memorials or any other additions expected in traditional funerals.

That may seem like a lot of exclusions, however, the inclusions cover everything you really need for a funeral without anything unnecessary.

So, What is Included?

When booking a Direct Cremation, all of the basics are covered for a complete funeral minus a service. This also covers all and every legal requirement that is mandated by the government for a death. Many funeral companies have a package that covers Direct Cremations and most will include the following services as standard in that package.

  • After someone has passed, your funeral directors will pick up the passed individual from the place of death and take them to their premises until the funeral date.
  • A simple timber veneer coffin is included for the cremation to keep it simple and more environmentally friendly.
  • The cremation process is included and held at a local crematorium.
  • The cremated remains can be scattered on request or returned to the family in a simple urn.
  • All legal paperwork related to the death.
  • Doctor’s fees, payable in England and Wales.
  • We at County Funerals allow visiting in our chapel of rest for families.

Reasons to Choose a Direct Cremation

There are many reasons ranging from financial, personal and environmental.

  • Direct Cremation is the cheapest available option, with Direct Cremation being a fraction of a traditional funeral.
  • Minimal fuss for those who prefer understated and simple.
  • Modern funeral types lean towards less traditional or mournful and rather focus on life rather than death.
  • Does away with superfluous ceremonial displays while ensuring a respectful and dignified funerary service.
  • A Direct Cremation provides flexibility to organise a separate commemoration. These can range from a memorial moment, a celebration of life, a party or a gathering in a favourite place.
  • Direct Cremation is a more environmentally friendly option due to its minimalism.

Would You Like To Know More?

For more Direct Cremation information, contact County Funerals. They are experienced at handling all arrangements for a Direct Cremation with respect and dignity. Visit their website or contact the funerary team.

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