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Memorial slideshow: a sweet way to say your final goodbye

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The loss of a loved one is always devastating. There is no way to cushion that blow, but there are ways that can help you process the grief. One of such ways is creating a memorial slideshow to honor the one who has passed away. A tribute video is an opportunity to show a life well lived and say your final goodbye.

If you are willing to create a tribute video for your friend or relative but don’t quite know where and how to start, we are here to help you. We’ll share with you tips and ideas on how to create a tribute video that would celebrate the life of your loved one.

Choose the Tone

It’s understandable if you want to make a tribute slideshow as solemn and as serious as possible. But consider shifting the tone from mourning about the one you lost to celebrating their life. Show how bright, jolly, and overall amazing the person was. Show them in their happiest moments and share their accomplishments.

Pick the Pictures

Try to cull those images that tell a story – not just static portraits. These pictures should show what kind of person the deceased was – a lovable prankster or a refined snob, a sarcastic wisecracker or the sweetest soul ever. Make sure to include videos in your memorial slideshow. Such clips will bring bittersweet memories to everyone viewing your creation.

Decide on the Runtime

Usually slideshows that are over 3 minutes are considered too drawn out, but this is not the case with a tribute slideshow. Such a video can run for as long as 8 minutes (or two average-length songs). Besides, the pace for a funeral slideshow should be as placid as possible – make the video linger on the pictures of your loved one for 5-10 seconds.

Add Quotes or Words of Wisdom

If the one who has passed away has a few catchphrases, incorporate them into your slideshow. This will help you fill the video with their spirit. Alternatively, insert profound sayings about love and loss, death and parting ways. If your own words fail you, find inspiration in these memorial quotes. If people in your audience could use a bit of condolences, make sure to add them, too.

Use the Perfect Music

Since music evokes strong emotions, make a wise choice of soundtrack for your funeral slideshow. The safest pick would be a classical piece or a serene instrumental track. A sad folk tune or a power ballad will also make a good soundtrack.

However, you can go a different route. For instance, you might opt to use your loved one’s favorite track – regardless of the genre. Besides, if you are trying to focus on the bright and fulfilling life your friend or relative had, a moderately upbeat tune might work for your slideshow.

Stick to a Certain Aesthetics

Since a memorial slideshow is no regular video, it should have a well-thought-out style. The perfect way to go is to make your video monochromatic – just shades of gray and black. Another option is to make your slideshow as subtle as possible with a pastel colour palette. Try to avoid bright colours and gaudy backgrounds.

Go with the Fitting Export Option

If you plan to have your video played at the service, burn it to DVD so that the funeral parlour could put it on. If you prefer to share your slideshow online, save it as a video for Facebook or YouTube. In case you are planning a quiet viewing at home, export your creation as a video for TV.

 Get the Right Software

Since there won’t be much time for you to make your tribute slideshow, it’s better to use an easy memorial slideshow maker. With it, you’ll be able to create a touching tribute slideshow in a matter of minutes thanks to a themed template. If premade templates just don’t cut it for you, then you’d have complete freedom to make your memorial video from scratch.


So hopefully you now know how to make a memorial slideshow. Now, gather up your strength and resilience and tell the beautiful life story of the one who went gently into that good night.



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