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Making a Funeral Announcement for a Relative

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There is no easy way to approach organising a funeral for a loved one. Dealing with grief is hard. It can be physically and mentally draining and can leave you struggling to think clearly about things the way you normally would.

But at the same time, there is a lot of pride in arranging the best possible send-off you can for someone you cared deeply about. It’s a big responsibility, but for all the pain, and all the sense of loss, for most people the driving emotion is wanting to give their relative the very best by the way of a farewell.

Part of that responsibility is getting the message out to as many people who knew your relative as possible. It’s not just a matter of wanting a good turnout at their funeral for appearance’s sake. You want to give everyone who might want to the opportunity to pay their respects and say their goodbyes, as well as bring people together so they can find comfort in sharing their grief.

One of the key obstacles you are up against when making a funeral announcement is time – you don’t have long to get invitations ready and put the word out. So here are some tips for making sure you reach everyone you can as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The internet is your friend

For sheer speed and convenience, don’t overlook the power of digital. Yes, it’s great to send out paper invitations the traditional way, but what if you don’t have everyone’s address to hand? Rather than spending your time trying to collect address details, you could go straight to source – send out emails and/or private messages on social media to make the initial announcement, enquire about who would like to come, and then ask for addresses to be sent for formal invitations.

An even more modern approach is to create an event page on a platform like Facebook. This isn’t for everyone, as many people still like the formality of direct invitations. You can also risk causing offence to close family and friends if you simply post an announcement on social media, without contacting them directly. But if you are sensitive about how you go about it, social media is a great way to reach people you might otherwise have struggled to track down.

Professionally printed funeral announcement cards

At one time, sending out invitations or announcements for a funeral would have involved handwriting them yourself – another time-consuming task, on top of tracking down everyone’s address. Things are different nowadays, and again technology is your friend.

Online printing services offering bespoke funeral announcement cards are a great way to get a bulk batch of completed, high quality invitations with a minimum of fuss. With a variety of designs to choose from and customisation options so you can add all the details you need, you can get a full batch printed and delivered by as early as the next day, all ready to be sent out in plenty of time.


Photo by Mayron Oliveira on Unsplash

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