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Avoiding Funeral Poverty: 5 Ways to Help Reduce Funeral Costs

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Losing a loved one is never easy but imagine not having the funds to be able to say goodbye to them.

Unfortunately, this is what many grieving families are not facing due to rising costs of funerals in the UK.

A Loving Tribute wants to highlight the severe issue of funeral poverty and aid those planning an affordable funeral, while still giving the deceased the send-off they deserve.

Residents in England are at risk of the country’s postcode lottery and can see themselves out of pocket due to where they live. You can view the average cost in your own county here.

Below are 5 money saving ideas to help when dealing with funeral arrangements which still ensure those who have passed are honoured.

Burial versus Cremation

Choosing between burial and cremation can have a large impact on the total cost of a funeral.

Cremation is most often more affordable and therefore a more common choice. However, your loved one may have requested a burial or your family would prefer this.

Ask you funeral director about all their packages and what is included within their prices. Funeral directors will not always voice their cheapest option unless asked.

There are now even funeral director price comparison websites, so you can cut down time spent searching for the most economical provider.

If it feels right to you and your family, you can also opt for a ‘natural’ burial. This is where the departed are laid to rest in a more natural setting, such as a woodland.

Caskets are requested to be made of a biodegradable material, such as wicker or cardboard. Bodies are also requested to not be embalmed as these chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment. In turn, this saves an extra step for the funeral director and therefore reduces costs.

Not only is this option better for the environment, but it is often more affordable than a traditional burial. Depending on location, you can have a natural burial for between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds.


A ceremony will often require an order of service. This can contain hymns, songs, poetry or quotes that means something to the deceased and their family.

It is a fantastic way to showcase the departed’s personality and interests and many attendees will often keep these as a memento of the deceased’s life.

They are meant to represent the individual, but you may be faced with a costly invoice from a designer if you do not have the time or skill to create them yourself.

Using an online order of service template can abolish these issues, and with a large number of designs to choose from, they can be as unique as the person. You can find a generous selection here.


No one has ever remembered a wake for the food, and you do not have to spend over budget to satisfy people. Simple, comforting food is often what is needed. Incorporating the deceased’s favourite drinks or snacks is an enchanting way to remember them.

We understand you may not have the time or energy during this period to cater the event yourself, but this is where family and friends can come in.

Instead of flowers, why not ask attendees to bring a small platter or bottle to the wake? During this difficult point we are experiencing, we are often inundated with offers of help from those around us.

Asking for individuals to bring a small contribution can often end up providing the catering the entire wake and those around you will feel content knowing they have eased some of the burden from yourself.


You do not require grandeur to hold a wake. Instead of paying to rent a space, you can host this in your own home or the home of the deceased.

This is often a charming way for attendees to say their goodbyes by visiting the home of those who have passed away. one last time.

If your residence is not suitable, does the deceased have a favourite outdoor space such as a park or a beach?

Weather permitting, this can be a wonderful alternative way to celebrate their life. Just be conscience of the need for parking and toilets.


Headstones and urns can be costly and may not even represent those who have passed on as you would wish.

By replacing a headstone with an alternative, you can create a more personal and cost-effective memorial.

Planting a tree is one of the most popular alternatives, but there are also new ideas being generated.

If you want to give a more personal touch, wood logs with wording burnt on are an affordable way to mark their resting place. You can purchase the tools to make this yourself for a relatively low price and it gives your free reign over style and decoration.

You do not have to purchase a traditional urn either. Whether you plan to keep or scatter the ashes, you can choose whatever container you want.

A quirky idea that many are opting for are coffee, tea and even biscuit containers. These represent little pleasures that the deceased enjoyed.


It is important to remember that there is no correct way to grieve. Do what feels right to you and your family and keep it within your means.

Your loved one would most likely be uncomfortable with the thought of you struggling financially due to the cost of their funeral and would prefer lavish costs to be excluded if it means you can live with ease.

There is nothing wrong with keeping things basic. Your loved-one will be remembered for the impact they had on others lives, not for an extravagant funeral.


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