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How Seniors are Using the Cloud in 2022

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Cloud technology continues to develop gradually as more seniors embrace technology every day. And there’s little doubt that digital innovators are trying to discover new methods to advertise their platforms and tools to them. As per Pew Research, 40% of seniors now own smartphones.

Cloud-based technologies are still nascent and are still in their development stages. However, their importance, and dazzling application and functional qualities are undeniable.

The benefits of having a smartphone increase in importance as we age. We no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of declining eyesight or hearing in order to get critical health information and contact individuals who can assist us.

Mobile devices have changed the way seniors live. Elderly people use them to keep in touch with  loved ones and manage their health.

The market for digital services is growing exponentially and this growth is expected to continue. In the UK, for instance, there’s been a record increase of seniors who are online in just three years.

Promotes Independence

There are many reasons why seniors are turning to digital services. One of these reasons is that they can use them to assert their independence. They don’t have to rely on others for help with day-to-day tasks. This independence makes them feel as if they’re not a bother to people in their lives.

Ambient assisted living (AAL) makes use of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), mobile, and cloud to help people stay active and independent for longer periods of time.

Promotes a Happier Life

Another reason why seniors are using digital services is because they make it possible for them to live at home longer, as they don’t need a smartphone or a computer in order to access them.

The internet offers numerous chances to stay in touch with family and friends while also making new connections. The internet age makes it easier for seniors to stay connected with their loved ones, and enhanced their ability to be more independent in their day-to-day activities.

Before the pandemic, many seniors had never tried video calls, but by 2020 about 70% had tried it.

Cloud-based unified communication and collaboration (UCC) and social networking sites such as Skype, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook, enable seniors to attend church, communicate and remain in touch with family and friends, and enhance their social life.

Better Senior Health Care

Cloud services have had a tremendous impact on enhancing the quality of home-based rehabilitative care for the aged. Seniors are using their mobile devices to live efficiently. They are using them to keep tabs on and manage their health.

Additionally, hospitals are gradually transitioning to technology, for example, by using STaaS in order to produce more sophisticated, innovative, and cutting-edge equipment that will help patients and clinicians in a variety of ways.

Cloud storage helps to reduce medical costs while boosting flexibility. Remote monitoring and medical evaluation of older patients designed to improve care without increasing costs.

Helps Seniors Feel Productive

After retiring, seniors may feel alienated, bored, and unproductive. Virtual social interactions such as those listed above can be beneficial, but sometimes more is required, and cloud-based platforms are facilitating this.


The cloud can be difficult, especially for the non-tech savvy seniors, to understand. And although they may take some time to get acquainted, it will certainly improve their lives. The cloud helps you feel confident and protected online, from communicating with friends and family to shopping and banking.

For sure, we must improve seniors’ access to and use of their devices and the internet. After all, not just the most enthusiastic seniors should have the right to benefit from technological solutions.


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