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Gifts for helping with memory loss

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As our loved ones get older, one of the most common things to happen is them getting issues with memory. Sometimes it is just minor things like forgetting a word for a moment or forgetting what they were doing over time that can become more difficult – and something that needs to be addressed.

Our job as a family or a friend is to find ways that we can support their needs and, above all, make sure that they don’t feel more confused or upset about it.

Gifts for Relaxing

Memory loss causes a lot of stress, and stress has the adverse effect of making the brain noisy and messy. It is a difficult cycle to break, so gifts to help with relaxation are absolutely great!

Gifts that help with relaxation come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few great options and why they work:

  • Massages – sometimes, going into a spa can be a bit daunting, but there are options when it comes to massages. Massagers that plugin can be fantastic. There are options for legs to help with circulation and those for shoulders and neck to help with unwinding too.
  • Weighted blankets – Ever had a really good hug? Weighted blankets have been proven to help people with anxiety and dementia stay asleep longer and get the sleep that they really need.
  • Music – if there are songs and artists that they used to listen to when they were younger, listening to them can help them to relax too!


Not all gifts need to be big and expensive. Sometimes, the very best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful, small, and not costly. Depending on the age and capability, here are some of the things that are great for people with memory loss.

  • Crayons and colouring books
  • Rubik cubes (there are off-brand and easier options)
  • Sudoku, crosswords, and word search puzzle books
  • Anything related to a hobby they enjoy
  • Memory card games

Photo Gifts

Photo gifts can be amazing for people who are having memory problems. What makes them so great is that you can design the photos to have the person’s name on them, dates, times, and places.

All of these little things can help them find the memory. When there are multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren, names and faces can become tricky – and so can remembering birthdays.

You can design your own custom photo calendar so that there are photos for every month that can help remind them of people they love, who love them, and things that they have done too. Any photo gifts are a great choice for people with memory problems.

Another great option for people who have some memory difficulties is a digital photo frame. The digital photo frame can hold thousands of photos, and you can put on things from their childhood all the way up to when they became a parent or a grandparent.


The gift of connection is a great one for those who live far apart from each other and those who can’t be with their family or friends all the time. Connection comes in many forms, and some are more simple than others.

For example, those who only have a small amount of memory loss may be able to send and read text messages with relative ease. For others, though, pressing a green button to answer a video call can be the preference.

Connection is incredibly important because it helps keep the elderly engaged and involved with the family.

There are some devices that are designed with those with memory challenges in mind, and they typically have fewer buttons and are less confusing than much of the modern technology that we use today.

The numbers will be bigger, and there will also be fewer functions and applications.

Cuddle Items

As memory issues progress, many people find it comforting to have something that they can cuddle. If they have lost loved ones, it can be a nice idea to have something like a memory bear made. A memory bear is made with clothing or items from the person who has passed on.

These items can make them feel grounded, and while it might not be possible to have a cat or a dog, the act of stroking fur has been proven to relax stressed people and provide a lot of comfort.

When it comes to taking care of your elderly friends and relatives with memory loss, there are a lot of gift options that can make a significant difference to them. The gift of time is also vital, and so is interaction, such as some games that can help.

Maintaining independence

Easy-to-understand and customise calendars andtask reminders can help people with memory loss manage living at home for longer – one of the best gifts you can give them.

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