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Memorable Ways to Spend a 50th Birthday

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We all live such busy lives that all too often, we forget to slow down and appreciate the people around us, but it’s important to cherish the time we have with the ones we love. Here are some memorable ways to celebrate a special 50th birthday.

Take a Spa Day

Pamper the person celebrating their birthday with a wonderfully relaxing spa day. You usually get a choice of different treatments from facials to pedicures or massages, and you can spend the rest of the day relaxing in the pool or sauna or having an afternoon tea for two.

A Day at the Beach

A day at the seaside lifts everyone’s spirits no matter what your age! Take a trip to a nearby coastal town and celebrate their birthday in a laidback, low-key way with fish and chips or a picnic on the sand.

Visit a New City

Is there a particular city they’ve always wanted to visit but never got around to? Or have you been somewhere that you think they’d love? A day out in a new city, or even a weekend break is a wonderful way to celebrate a big 5-0 birthday.

Tackle That Bucket List

If you know that they have a bucket list of things they want to experience, then why not book some of those activities for their birthday? You could then hand them their personalised 50th birthday card complete with tickets or the day’s activities written inside. Not only will it be a wonderful surprise but they can keep the card afterwards as a wonderful memento of your day together.

A Meal at a Restaurant

If you know your relative won’t want a fuss for their birthday but you still want to show how much you care, then a nice meal at a restaurant allows you to celebrate without going over the top and means the whole family can get together for it too.

Go to a Concert

Make brilliant new memories together by getting tickets to a concert you’ll both enjoy and celebrate their 50th birthday by singing and dancing the night away.

Get a Pet

Obviously, you’ll want to make sure this is something they definitely want first as getting any pet is a big commitment! But if they’re on board and looking for a furry companion, then visiting a dog or cat rescue or bringing home a new pet is a wonderful way to celebrate their special birthday.

Book a Cruise

When it comes to holidays, cruises are seen as the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. If you know that they’ve always wanted to take a cruise, then this is a fantastic way to celebrate their golden age.

Have a Movie Marathon

Having a movie marathon is a low-cost, relaxing but fun way to spend some quality time together and there are plenty of movies that are suitable for all ages that kids, teens, parents and grandparents can all enjoy together.

Get Matching Tattoos

This is one for the more daring amongst you! Why not get matching tattoos just like this woman and her granddaughter did in honour of her 90th birthday? Choose a design you both love and that’s special or meaningful to you and celebrate your special connection with matching ink.

Go Camping

If they like a walk on the wild side then a camping break together is a fun and quirky way to celebrate their 50th birthday and will give you loads of great memories to look back on. Just don’t forget the tent pegs!

Photo by Kendall Scott on Unsplash

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