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The Greatest Gifts for Grandad: The Birthday Edition

Your grandad is probably right at the heart of your family. He’s the patriarch (in a good way) of your clan, and you probably have a lot to thank him for. He and your gran probably babysat you when you were just a little thing; they took you to the park and for ice cream and bought you the best birthday presents while you were growing up. Now that you’re grown, it’s your turn to spoil him with the best birthday gifts you can lay your hands on!

To start with, you need to know what your grandad likes. Does he fish at weekends? Does he have a mobile home that could use some new curtains? Does he have a collection of men’s watches stretching back to the dawn of time? Do your research before you set out to purchase the perfect present. Don’t be afraid to ask your gran or your parents if you need a little help. After all, you want to get this just right! When you’ve got the low-down on his hobbies, his preferred brand of cigars and what he likes to wear, you’re ready to get him the best present in birthday history. If you still need a little help getting the idea train rolling, we’ve got a few excellent ones to get you started!

Garden Cleanup

Though this might sound boring, it could take a lot of pressure off your gramps! Grandads come in all different ages, but if yours is getting on in years, then there may be some physical tasks that he is just not up to anymore, like keeping his garden in check. Grandads are often proud men who may not always want to ask for help when it’s needed. Take the stress out of his hands and get some professionals to handle the gardening for him. We suggest you tread carefully when selecting a garden team to trim and tidy your grandad’s precious plot. He’ll probably still feel he could do the job better himself! Once the back-breaking work is taken care of, without him ever even breaking a sweat, there’s no doubt he’ll be grateful for the hand.

An Engraved Watch

A watch is a gift that, if significant thought has gone into the purchase, will last someone for the rest of their life. While most of us grew up looking at our phones for the time, your grandad probably had a wristwatch or maybe even a pocket watch to keep him on schedule. Giving him a gift like this will take some research to find out what kind of timepiece he would like best. Something waterproof and practical or sleek and flashy. It will all depend on the man and his habits. To make it a personal gift, have the watch engraved “To grandad” and include some private joke or quote that means a lot to both of you. There’s no doubt that your grandad will treasure it for the rest of his days.

A Day Out

Memories remain long after chocolates have been eaten and journals have been filled. A great way to give your grandad back some of what he’s given you over the years would be to take him on a day out designed entirely by him. Give him free rein and tell him to choose what he would like to do all day, on you. Golf, fishing, painting in the garden, taking a walk by the sea or having tea at his favourite restaurant. Whatever it is, even if it’s not up your alley, get on board and enjoy the special time you get to spend with him. If he is the type of man who never asks for anything for himself, schedule the day for him. Ask your gran or your parents for input about how he likes to spend his time and put a few activities together, allowing time for a rest between each.

Cosy Clothes

Your grandad deserves to relax in luxurious comfort, so give him a set of cosy clothes to help him make the most of his time at home. Start with a plush dressing gown. Choose his favourite colours and fabric that will be smooth rather than scratchy on the skin. It should be easy to wash; no dry-clean only here! Next, you’ll need some warm pyjamas. Some stores may offer gowns and pyjamas in sets, but if not, just go for pyjamas that complement the robe in colour. Finish off with a pair of foot-supporting, super warm and comfortable slippers. He’ll be relaxing in style for years to come!

Wrap Up

Any grandad would be proud to accept any of these gifts! We hope you and your grandad have a wonderful time celebrating another year in each other’s lives.

This is a Collaborative Post.

Image by Mart Production via Pexels

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