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Planning An Exciting 80th Birthday Celebration In Winter: Our Top Tips

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Birthday celebrations are always a fun way to get everyone together and honour your loved ones on their special day.

In the summer, birthdays can be fun, outdoor gatherings. With longer days and warmer weather, you can easily host an amazing party or meet friends for an informal get-together.

Winter birthdays can be difficult to celebrate at any age. After all, they’re sandwiched between several big holidays.

From Halloween to Christmas and New Year, there’s already a lot to celebrate in the winter, meaning birthdays can get lost.

In 2021, it’s more important than before that you celebrate every milestone, including birthdays. The past two years have been incredibly tough, and things are still uncertain, which has affected everyone’s mental wellbeing.

More older people are experiencing mental health issues this year because of the stressful situation we’ve faced over the past few months.

With this in mind, you should try to celebrate everything possible, and that means hosting a fun birthday celebration this year.

If you have an elderly relative who is celebrating a milestone 80th birthday this winter, then here are some practical tips to help you plan them the perfect celebration.

Ask What They Want

At 80 years old, it’s safe to say that your relative will probably have a good idea of what they enjoy doing and what they don’t. They’ll also have specific needs, such as mobility requirements and more. So, you need to make sure that you plan a celebration that will live up to and exceed their expectations. Ask them what they’d like and how they’d like to spend their birthday. Everyone is different, so your relative might prefer a large family gathering or a quiet celebration at their favourite venue. Once you know what they’d like, you can plan a perfect celebration for their milestone birthday.

Help Guests Find The Perfect Gifts And Cards

One fun part of any birthday party is when the birthday girl/boy opens their gifts and cards. As you get older, presents become slightly less important, but cards become more so, as it’s nice to hear from the people you love and see written confirmation that they cherish you. So, when you’re planning the party, you should make sure you help guests to find the right gifts and choose the perfect birthday card. Check out the amazing 80th birthday cards online at Card Gallery, which offers a vast array of 80th birthday cards for sisters, brothers, aunts and grandkids so that everyone can get the perfect card. Even those who can’t come to visit in person can send an amazing card that makes your relative feel valued on their special birthday.

Consider Hosting Multiple Small Gatherings

A large birthday party might be difficult to organise logistically, as well as being overwhelming for your elderly relative. If that’s what they’d like, then you should try your best to organise it, but if they leave the choice up to you, then you could consider hosting several small gatherings. This approach will help you to stretch out their birthday celebrations and bring everyone together without too much hassle and hard work. One approach would be to invite family to one small gathering, such as a meal out at a restaurant, then asking friends from different friendship groups to small get-togethers on another day. This approach will ensure that your relative has an amazing and unforgettable 80th birthday experience.

Cater To Every Guest As Much As Possible

Throughout their 80 years, your relative has probably gathered a vast array of friends and family. As such, you could find that you have to cater to guests of all ages and temperaments. From little baby grandchildren to fellow 80-year-olds, there could potentially be people from all generations and backgrounds on your guest list, so you need to work out a way to support them as much as possible. That could mean anything from finding a wheelchair accessible venue to having snacks and toys on hand to keep bored little ones quiet. Make a plan and contact each guest, then try to figure out the best way to celebrate and ensure everyone is happy and enjoys the event. If you’ve taken the advice given above and planned multiple small gatherings, then supporting everyone will be easier as you can group those with specific needs together.

Make Their Favourite Foods

Food is an integral part of any gathering, and a birthday party is no exception! While the cake is the centrepiece, you also need to think about meals and snacks for the guests. Consider making a selection of finger food to serve at a buffet, as this is an easy way to feed a wide range of guests and make sure everyone can find something they enjoy. Make sure that you prepare foods that your relative will love, as it’s their birthday.

Have A Great Time!

After all that planning and organisation, you might be on edge during the party or gathering. Try to relax and enjoy every aspect of the party and feel proud that you achieved this fun 80th birthday celebration for your relative. It would help if you also took some time to unwind and try not to feel too flustered during the celebration. Host burnout is a very real issue for many individuals who are planning events, particularly large ones with lots of logistical elements. Watch out for signs of host burnout and try to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the entire experience from the initial conception of the idea to the end of the celebration.

Hosting an 80th birthday celebration that suits everyone, including the guest of honour and relatives of all ages, can be a big task. With these tips, you can get organised and make the planning process as straightforward as possible.

Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash

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