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Holiday destinations for older people

As people get older, their travel priorities may change to suit their needs. But many continue to have a list of places they would love to visit. So if you’re thinking of a break for your parents, here are a few ideas to make it a special holiday.

Once in a lifetime

Canada and New Zealand top the wish list for travellers over 75, according to a survey carried out by Riviera Travel. The glorious scenery amongst mountains and lakes would tempt more than a quarter of the people questioned.

Europe features heavily too, with seniors mentioning closer-to-home countries such as Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Spain and France as preferred holiday destinations.

Embarking on these exciting journeys, seniors may it convenient to explore these foreign lands through car rentals and visit uncharted landmarks at their own pace, and getting up close and personal with diverse cultures and landscapes. Whether you’re traveling through the picturesque countryside of France or exploring the enchanting landscapes of the United Kingdom, a car hire can enhance the overall travel experience for older individuals.

And what of special trips on that bucket list? The Northern Lights is a firm favourite, not just with the over 75s, but with everyone in their mid-50s onwards. So there’s an activity that we could all enjoy together.

Letting the train take the strain with the Siberian Rail and Glacier Express are dreams for many, while others prefer to be transported by gondola, hot air balloon, on safari or along Route 66. For a less ambitious activity, there’s plenty of support for wine and chocolate tasting, and a night at the opera.

Amazing places feature heavily on bucket lists for the over 75s. The natural beauty of the Niagara Falls, Yosemite National Park and the Galapagos Islands jostles for position with the historical achievements of Petra, Versailles, the Acropolis, Pompeii, the Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu and the Great Wall of China.

Being practical

Those are the aspirations. But at any age practicalities will help to determine your parents’ final choice of holiday destination.

Budget has to be a defining factor. So too is accessibility, and holiday plans have to be designed around any issues of mobility and health. There are plenty of  factors to think about when choosing a holiday destination, particularly if your relatives are in poor health.

Closer to home

Holidays and days out can be enjoyable closer to home, and easier to organise. River trips, city visits and mini cruises are all worth considering.

If you’re thinking of a multi-generational holiday, there are even more discussions to be had. Respecting everyone’s choices, space and energy is an important part of making the holiday successful.


Cruises have become immensely popular with retired people with the time to take travel slowly. And they’re a great way to drop into some of those dreamed-of destinations while enjoying comfort and company.

Whether cruising or travelling independently, it’s always important to look at how the travel companies cater for different needs, including helping customers to reach their plane, train or cruise ship, and then to make the most of their trip.

Travel insurance

When you’re looking at the budget for a holiday, you need to factor in travel insurance. Age and medical conditions can increase premiums considerably, and the insurers who offer the lowest prices may not actually agree to cover those with pre-existing conditions. There are specialist insurers in the market though. Don’t forget that you need to declare mental health conditions as well as physical issues to ensure your parent is properly covered.

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Dawn Weaver
Dawn Weaver
3 years ago

This subject is close to my heart. Finding a hotel or apartment with no access issues is a nightmare. There is no ‘go-to’ website.
Mum will happily sit on a deckchair but can’t lie on the sand. So I need info on Beach facilities.
Flights must be direct.
A recent trip to Madeira was lovely, but even though we had an accessible room, there was no public access to the dining room. She couldn’t go to the bar for evening entertainment.
Someone ought to setup a website!!

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