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3 basic laundry tips for large families

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As our loved ones age, they may start struggling to live independently, this may include not being able to do some basic tasks around the house, like laundry. Even though they want to stick to their habits and help around the home, carrying a laundry basket down to the basement can result in a dangerous fall which could seriously injure our loved ones. So, for people who have large families that include older family members who need care, here are helpful 3 basic laundry tips for large families.

 Making the adjustments

If you have a large family that includes elderly family members who need help getting things done around the house, you can make adjustments to make things more accessible. For example, moving the laundry room from the basement to the ground floor will make doing laundry easier for everyone. Your elderly loved ones won’t have to climb the stairs while carrying a heavy basket every time they want to do the laundry. Also, you can cover the floor with nonslip mats to prevent your parents or relatives from slipping and falling down. These non-slip mats are great for people who use a wheelchair since they won’t get rolled up.

As people get older, their hands are not strong as they used to be and we all know how those clothes detergent containers can be heavy. So, the easiest and most practical way to do laundry is to use laundry detergent strips. You can find detergent strips that are eco-friendly, and easy to use, you just toss them in the washing machine and you’re done. These strips dissolve in both hot and cold water and clean even the dirtiest clothes, just visit site to get yours. Your large family won’t need to lift heavy containers and measure, instead, they can just use the strip and drop it in the washer, that’s all.

Create a routine

When it comes to large families, every person has their own routine and time schedule. So, creating one general family routine is important if you want to avoid doing laundry every day or even multiple times a day. Make sure every family member knows which days are planned to be laundry days, so there are enough days in between for a full load. There are different ways we can help our seniors to keep their homes clean and doing the laundry is one of the most important ones. By having clean clothes, and fresh sheets, your loved one will feel happy and respected. With a laundry routine and schedule, doing laundry will not take a lot of your time, instead, it will be an easy task done in a couple of minutes.

 Put away the clothes immediately

After the laundry machine is done, if you have time, put away immediately. There’s nothing worse than having to wash clothes twice because they sat too long in the washer and became smelly. By putting it away right away, you will save time and stress, too. Putting away laundry takes less time than you think.

If you’re using the dryer machine, make sure to fold the clothes right away, because you will save a ton of time on ironing. Folding clothes fresh out of the dryer reduces wrinkles and everyone can have nice-looking clothes.

By following these 3 basic laundry tips, you and your larger family will be thankful. Making the adjustments, creating a routine, and putting away the clothes right away will save you time, and stress and your elderly family member will have their needs met. Clean laundry will leave ageing loved ones feeling happy and good about themselves.

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