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How can we help our seniors keep their homes clean?

When it comes to housework, some people do a better job than others.

However, you should be on the lookout if your older relative’s or friend’s home suddenly starts looking disorganised. Difficulty in doing housework is one of the common signs that your loved one might be having health issues, such as fear of falling or arthritis.

Yet recent research has suggested that housework can boost memory and protect against falls.

When you visit your loved one, you could consider tactfully offering to help them tackle a wide range of housework tasks. Here are some of the best ways that you can help seniors with housework.

What help would work?

It’s always important to include a senior in every type of cleaning or organisation decision. You could set some time aside specifically with your loved ones to discuss cleaning efforts.

If you’re trying to help but finding it too hard, you could consider hiring a cleaning service or even a visiting carer.

Cleaning the floor

Clean floors are important as they can decrease the risk of falling and reduce bacteria and allergens that contribute to various diseases. However, vacuuming and mopping often require lots of energy. Older people can fear falling on wet floors when they mop. And your senior’s aversion to cleaning the floor may show that they have mobility or balance issues.

This may be something that a regular cleaner could help resolve.

Organising shelves

In most instances, the highest cabinets and shelves can be disorganised and neglected. Seniors need to avoid climbing ladders and reaching high shelves if they can’t lift their arms over their heads quickly and easily.

If you notice that your senior’s shelves are disorganised, you could offer to move things down to a lower shelf where they can sort through them.

Going to the supermarket

Your loved one might need help with the grocery shop if they cannot drive safely or remember issues.

Since having a stocked kitchen is essential for their survival, helping your loved ones with groceries can improve their overall health and transform their lives for the better.

Clearing up after meals

The thought of clearing up after meals does not excite people.

This is especially true for seniors who have a valid reason to leave the dishes on the table or in the sink. Heavy pans and pots can be difficult for your loved one to wash or they may experience difficulty bending over to place the dishes in the dishwasher.

You could suggest hiring a carer to help your senior clean up after meals every day.

Cleaning the bathroom

Whether a senior has a shower or a walk-in bath, cleaning the bathroom requires balance, agility, and strength. Most seniors have a hard time reaching every corner. And those with respiratory issues can find themselves breathing dangerous fumes found in various cleaning agents.

Doing the laundry

Fresh bedlinen is essential for seniors especially those with health conditions that cause them to soil bedding and clothing often. Lifting heavy laundry baskets and getting clothes and beddings out of the washer or dryer can be too much for them to handle.

Again, a professional carer or cleaner could help.

Getting rid of clutter

Some older people accumulate a lot of things over the years but are unaware that is has become clutter in their homes. Excessive clutter can make them feel physically and mentally drained, especially when they think of decluttering and maintaining a clean home. It’s important to clear paths around their home to minimise the risk of falling.

Set aside ample time to work together to get rid of clutter. It’s always important to involve the seniors when organising their house to avoid throwing away or donating items that are valuable to them.

Some of the best ways to eliminate clutter in the house include:

  • Start with rooms that are used most of the time
  • Conduct clutter control room by room
  • Use baskets and bags to sort items in all the rooms
  • Allow the senior to decide which items stay or get thrown away
  • Clean and organise cabinets
  • Dispose of household cleaning supplies, old medicine, and expired food

Plan for deep cleaning sessions

If a relative is living in their home, it’s likely that they are not cleaning their homes really thoroughly on a regular basis. Caregivers and family members can help with cleaning the home by planning, scheduling, and implementing deep cleaning sessions.

Hiring a carer or cleaner

If the work is too hard or time-consuming for you to take on completely, you could consider hiring a carer or cleaner to help you out. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it.

Since not everyone has similar needs, they don’t need similar home care services. What is useful is balanced and holistic care to help focus on healthy habits such as exercising regularly, maintaining social relationships, and consuming the right foods.

While it’s challenging to find a reputable and reliable care agency, it’s wise to conduct extensive research to discover the best ways to assist seniors with bathing, cooking, exercising, and housekeeping.

Author Thomas Jackson a professional freelance content writer at A writers, best essay writing and college paper.org reviews. He is also an active member of several writing clubs in New York.

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