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Why it’s never too late to make your travel dream a reality

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Travelling isn’t just for the young. Before the pandemic hit, we were seeing increasing numbers of older people biting the bullet and travelling to the destinations they had always dreamed of seeing. Now the pandemic is slowing, it’s the perfect time to start planning your travels. After all, we’ve all had time to write a bucket list over the last two years.

In this article we will explore the main areas of consideration if you are planning to travel in your later years.


We are all guilty of watching the TV, admiring the travel programmes that show us brilliant white beaches on far flung tropical islands, and saying ‘I would like to go there some day’. With a travel bucket list written down it’s now time to make a shortlist. If you are travelling from the UK, perhaps a destination in Europe will ease you in, instead of an exhausting long-haul trip to New Zealand. Considering the distance and time it would take to get there is important, as well as the culture, food and health care. Creating a list based on these factors is a good place to start when narrowing your destination list.

Solo or as a group

Travelling as an over 65 can be a little daunting, especially when you hear stories from those much younger than yourself – often declaring how they backpacked around the world solo and made an abundance of friends. Considering how you wish to travel is a key factor. Are you going on your own, as a couple or with a group? They all have their pros and cons and need to be carefully thought out.

If you are travelling on your own but don’t wish to be alone, consider joining an adventure holiday tour, many of which have a planned itinerary and allow you to relax whilst meeting like-minded people. A cruise is also an alternative way of seeing the world, taking some of the stress out of navigating foreign lands, whilst providing the opportunity to meet other travellers. Alternatively, Go Rentals has a wide range of different vehicles to best suite your travel needs.

The cost

Perhaps you have been saving up for your travels and now you have retired, are ready to go. Or maybe you have been retired a while and the recent events of the pandemic have left you realising that seeing some more of the world is what you wish to do.

Either way, budgeting for your holiday is an important factor when it comes to planning. Writing down how much you have to spend on your trip will give you an overall figure, but you will then need to consider several factors. Elements such as your desired destination and your method of travel will then provide a clearer indication of how long you can travel for realistically.


Insurance is an area of travel planning that cannot be forgotten. Travel insurance is important at any age and for good reasons. Insurance can protect you against several possibilities including cancellations, medical costs whilst abroad, curtailment, baggage and personal items that are lost or stolen. Each policy is different, and you should always read the document thoroughly before travelling.

Travel is an exciting and joyous adventure to be enjoyed at any age. What plans do you have to see the world?


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