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The Ultimate Europe Travel Guide

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Europe is considered to be the ultimate holiday getaway for many travellers. The continent is home to thousands of years of history, jaw-dropping landscapes, delicious cuisines and a unique blend of different cultures and lifestyles.

Whether you hope to explore the winding canals of the Netherlands or the historical sites of Italy, Europe has something for everyone. Be sure to buy foreign currency before setting off on your European adventure to reduce the risk of running into issues when trying to acquire money once you are on holiday.

Getting Started

There is so much to see and do in Europe it is impossible to cover everything in just one trip. But narrowing down your final itinerary doesn’t need to feel like a daunting task. The places you ultimately choose to visit largely depend on your personal interests, hobbies and reasons that motivate you to travel.

You may want to tour the Greek Islands for endless beach time fun, travel through Europe on the famed international rail system, get lost in one of the many popular cities across the continent, or hit the slopes for the perfect winter vacation of snowboarding, skiing and not much else.

Popular Locations

Due to the sheer size of Europe, there are an endless numbers of cities and towns to visit. For those hoping to get a whole experience in a limited amount of time, hitting popular tourist hotspots will allow you to indulge in these standout locations.

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is a must-see for any traveller, particularly those who love history. From the impressive Colosseum, which is classified as one of the seven world wonders, to the intricate beauty of the Trevi Fountain, Rome is filled with historical significance and beautiful monuments.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its endless number of canals, rich cycling culture, unique museums and vibrant nightlife. Visiting Amsterdam allows you to experience all these opportunities in one location and will quickly propel this laid-back country to the top of your favourite list.

London, UK

Nothing gives you a better taste of English culture than the metropolitan city of London. The museums located here are considered to be some of the best in the world, including the Tate, the National Gallery and the Historical Museum.

For avid sightseers, there is no shortage of destinations to tick off your list. Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are just a few iconic landmarks found here. The city has a wide range of delicious food and a vibrant pub culture, perfect to satisfy any appetite after a long day out.

Paris, France

Commonly referred to as the ‘City of Lights’, Paris is a classic European destination. With several iconic landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum, to the charming roadside cafes and an endless number of patisseries, butchers, delicatessens and bakers, this wonderful city holds a charm you won’t find anywhere else.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is home to some of the most well-preserved architecture in Eastern Europe, with a spectacular cityscape. Here you can spend your days exploring the historic Old Town, admiring the beauty of Prague Castle or sampling all the delicious food on offer. End the perfect day with a walk across the famous Charles Bridge for unmatched views of the city and surrounding area.

Food Experiences

The European continent is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, offering a wide array of delicious and unique dishes to satisfy any foodie. While you can join a planned food tour available in certain cities, taking the time to explore the many local restaurants and cafes is the best way to get the full food experience.

Paella, a Spanish staple, is a classic, flavourful dish filled with rice, seafood, saffron and a variety of other ingredients. Goulash is a hearty Hungarian stew made with beef chunks, potatoes, carrots and spices; all simmered in a tasty paprika broth. Crêpes, thin pancakes that can be served savoury or sweet, are a French classic. They can be filled with local cheese, meats and vegetables for a filling lunch or chocolate, cream and stewed fruits for a delightful dessert.

While in France, step out of your comfort zone with escargots. Although snails may initially sound unappetising, this delicious dish sees them cooked in a mouth-watering garlic and butter sauce, providing an unforgettable food experience. And finally, no European holiday would be compete with a traditional pizza from Italy. You can stick to the tried-and-tested classic Margherita or sample the chef’s specialities at your chosen restaurant.

Making Memories

When deciding where to visit for your dream European holiday, it is vital to consider the activities you want to indulge in when making your final selection. The different areas of Europe all offer exciting activities that will create lasting memories.

One such activity is taking a gondola ride through the canals of Venice in Italy. While it is on the expensive side, it offers an opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of Venice from a different vantage point. For couples looking for the perfect romantic activity, you will struggle to find something better.

Amsterdam is a cycling paradise, and biking is the best way to navigate this vibrant city with little stress. Take a cycle tour down the beautiful cobbled roads, along the winding canals and through the picturesque parks and lively neighbourhoods to experience the very best of the Dutch capital city.

For something slightly slower-paced, take a relaxing stroll through the numerous local markets in Barcelona. From the famous La Boqueria market to the Mercat de Sant Antoni, shopping enthusiasts will not be disappointed. And finally, take to the skies in Cappadocia, Turkey, for an unforgettable trip in a hot air balloon, immersing yourself in the impressive sights of the area’s rocky terrain and sprawling landscape.

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