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How to Score the Cheapest Airport Parking: 5 Secrets You Need to Know

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There is a widespread idea that travelling, particularly when frequent, is a very expensive hobby, available only to those with an income more than the average one.
While it’s not untrue that a specific budget is required, the situation is not as bad as might be thought.

The key for travelling often when not having an extremely prosperous lifestyle, is hiding underneath good and timely planning, along with knowing how to take maximum advantage of specific deals.

Scoring the cheapest airport parking is an important factor in an affordable break, and so we wanted to give you some tips, proving that it’s easier to successfully book a good deal than you might think.

Early enough or last minute?

This decision comes with a great amount of risk, yet it is still an option. The most sensible scenario is to look for car parking right after booking your flight, as the expression ‘the sooner, the better’ is applicable here. In fact, making your market research via specialised websites like bookfhr.com, will save you time.

On the other hand, if you are brave enough, or circumstances allow so – such as travelling during low season – you might be able to hit an unbeatable offer if you wait until really the last minute, until a provider with high availability announces a flash sale.


Another cost-saving option is to not just look for car parking service after having booked your flight, but also to take into consideration the combination of both floating rates, giving you the most profitable deal possible.

High Fidelity

Every business-to-customer relationship comes with specific features, and one of those is often the company’s desire to keep their customers satisfied, and thus loyal to them. For a frequent traveller it could be of more benefit to always book a car park from the same provider, and obtain a personalised customer card, to accumulate points and unlock bonuses.

Bundle Benefits

In many cases airlines and some third party companies who offer several airport services, including car parking, also allow also the option of getting a better price if requesting more than one service, or selecting one of their customised bundles/packages.

Examples of other amenities you can take advantage of are car rental at your destination’s location, access to airport lounge, meal deals, etc.

Don’t park

Yes, you don’t need to pay for a car parking spot if there is no car to be parked. What about a win-win deal? Make your car available for renting to a visitor, in a definitely more value for money price than the market’s, and double your savings.

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