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The Perfect UK Bucket List

Yorkshire Dales holiday

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The current lockdown measures mean that our opportunities for travel are close to nil. No lockdown lasts forever, however, and there will come a point where we’re once allowed to get out and about for recreation. This relaxation is sure to come about gradually, with domestic travel being allowed before international travel. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to think about your bucket list of places to visit in the UK.

The Yorkshire Dales

There are few parts of the English countryside quite as breath-taking as the Yorkshire Dales. They’ve provided a setting for countless works of art and literature, and when you take a trip through them in summertime, you’ll get a sense of just why they’re so inspirational.

The Scottish Highlands

When you think of the countryside in Scotland, it’s likely that one of two things spring to mind. First, there are those craggy islands that characterise the coastline. Then, there are the Highlands, sprawling and remote, which are perfect for social distancing and getting in those hill-walking miles. If you’re a fan of whisky, you’ll want to also combine the trip with a tour of the many distilleries in Speyside and elsewhere. It’s an experience that brings people in from across the world – and soon it’ll be available only to those of us in the UK.


The south coast is the place to be for those chasing sunshine and surf. St Ives and Penzance stand out as being particularly tourist-friendly, but if you’re looking to maximise your social distance, then why not take a look at one of the more secluded little villages dotted around this part of the country? The food in Cornwall alone makes the place worth visiting: as well as the famous pasty, there are a whole host of stunning restaurants in the area, which showcase the amazing fish on offer here.


This quaint little corner of Sussex is among the UK’s most overlooked treasures. There’s a medieval castle, an eye-catching Victorian railway station and a series of gorgeous cobbled streets, flanked by stunning architecture. If you’re looking to reacquaint yourself with all that England has to offer, there are few places more suitable for a visit. Travelling to Rye via train is easy, making it an ideal destination for city-dwellers looking to make a day-trip from the capital.

The Lake District

The Lake District is among the country’s most popular destinations for walkers, sailors, and those looking to relax away from the beaten track. It’s a place that’s usually packed with international tourists during the summer. But the situation means that this year it may well be virtually deserted – which will mean lower prices and sparser crowds. This will make even high-footfall areas like Windermere safe to visit.

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

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