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Going Off-Grid: How to Plan a Unique Trip and Avoid the Tourist Traps

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Travelling the world is a dream for many, and most of us have taken a holiday at some point or another.

In fact, travelling has become so popular that the global travel and tourism market is worth billions, and as many as 12% of UK holidaymakers have booked a package holiday deal in the past year.

Package holidays are popular with those who don’t want to have to put too much work into planning their trip, but they often mean you end up seeing the same old tourist hotspots, and don’t see the true beauty of your destination.

Also, with so many travellers documenting their trips online, you might find that your adventure is more exciting for you and everyone you know if you choose to plan a unique trip instead of a package holiday.

While planning a trip from scratch might seem time-consuming and difficult, it’s actually not that difficult.

These are some of the techniques you can use to plan a unique and unforgettable overseas adventure!

Ask a Local

When planning a unique trip, the first step is to connect with someone who knows the area and can guide you to the beauty spots and attractions that are off the beaten track. That might mean speaking to someone you know personally who has been to the area multiple times or reaching out online. Many social media platforms have groups for people local to an area, meaning that you can find locals who are willing to share suggestions for the perfect getaway. If you don’t speak the same language as them, then consider using an online translation tool or connecting with well-travelled fellow tourists who speak the same language as you. You’ll then be able to get a range of great ideas from people who’ve already visited or lived in your upcoming holiday destination.

Be Spontaneous

Too much planning can make any trip feel staged, so it’s worth trying to be spontaneous when planning your next getaway. By making quick decisions, you’ll be less likely to do the same thing as everyone else. Consider having a day of your trip to explore and see what you get up to, or a day when you take public transport and see where it takes you. You’ll then be able to enjoy a unique experience. Still, you need to make sure you’re safe, even if you are being impulsive. A spontaneous trip doesn’t mean that you make rash decisions and that you don’t have everything you need before you go. One essential everyone needs is travel insurance. Thankfully, Staysure has single trip options that you can book near to your departure date, so you can easily ensure you’re covered in case of an emergency on your spontaneous holiday.

See Things Differently

Often, when people are looking for holiday activities, they base their choices on what comes up first in an online search or popular ideas that they’ve seen on social media. Instead, consider taking a different approach to creating your travel itinerary. That might mean going to destinations visited in a film or book you love or something more out-there, like choosing activities that begin with a specific letter. Taking a unique approach like this can be an unusual way to find fun and interesting holiday activities and places to visit that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. You’ll also have an amazing story to tell your loved ones when you get home from your quirky international adventures.

Planning your dream getaway can take time, especially if you’re trying to find unusual and unexplored places to visit and exciting new things to do. Use these tips to help you plan your dream holiday that’s as unique as you are and will help you make amazing memories you can enjoy forever.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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