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4 Reasons to Visit Les Deux Alpes this Winter

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Winter is coming and it’s probably the best time for you to start planning your winter holidays for this year. There are many destinations around Europe that you can visit, but there is one that is making a difference. This place is Les Deux Alpes in France, and it’s so popular for a reason.

If you are interested in visiting this amazing winter destination this winter and live the best ski experience in France, don’t forget to book your accommodation on Erna Low, in order to have the best time of your life. Therefore, if you are wondering what makes this place so special, you are in the right place.

Why? Because reading below you will find the 4 reasons to visit Les Deux Alpes this winter.

It’s ideal for every level

The first and the most important reason that makes this destination perfect for skiers is that in this resort there are zones and pistes for all skiing levels, from beginners to professionals. There are 61 easy zones where a beginner will be able to hit the slopes. Also, if you belong to the intermediate level, you can go higher and higher as long as the highest hill in this place is easiest and it’s the perfect place for a skier to feel confident and practice their skills. For the advanced skiers, there are pistes in the La Garve area, which are perfect for them.

There are amazing facilities

The second reason that makes this resort so dreamy for this winter is that there are luxurious facilities all over the place. First of all, anyone is able to rent or buy their ski equipment at local stores, this is actually very helpful for visitors as long as they won’t have to pack with them all the heavy equipment. Also, in this resort, there are amazing hotels that are offering spas and indoor pools, where someone will have the opportunity to spend some relaxing time after skiing all day.

 It’s a family-friendly destination

This ski resort is also ideal for those who have family, as long as there are plenty of childcare centers that provide in-house and independent services in Les Deux Alpes. Also, there are many family-friendly activities that someone can try in this place with the whole family. The most famous activity around the place is the 3 toboggan runs which are located near the slopes. Moreover, one of the biggest attractions around the place is Airbag Park, which offers doughnut-shaped toboggans to slide down the hill.

There are amazing bars and restaurants

Last but not least, in Les Deux Alpes, there are amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can rest or party after a long day of skiing. After spending the whole morning and afternoon hitting the slopes, there are bars, pubs, and amazing restaurants where you can enjoy a cold glass of beer or a delicious meal. Moreover, if you love dancing and partying, there are places where the loud music starts in the afternoon and it lasts until late at night.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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