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Tips on How to Write a Sports Event Review as a Retired Person

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Retirement should feel like a reward after a long life of working. However, it may get boring at times. Keeping yourself busy turns into a full-time job unless you find an appropriate hobby. One needs something easy to master, entertaining, somewhat challenging, and maybe even financially rewarding. Among all the things a retiree can do, writing seems like a perfect match. It doesn’t require additional learning, hardware, or much time. You can write in your free time, offer pieces for sale, or post them on your personal blog.

For all the ex-athletes in retirement, writing sports reviews can be just what they need. You get to be involved with the sports you love while turning this passion into a whole new (less dangerous) hobby. Hence, you can watch sports events and comment on them online for fun or money, though such an ambition will still require a bit of preparation and new writing techniques. So, let’s see how you write a sports event review as a retired person.

Choose the events wisely

You can write about the sports events happening in your hometown or something the whole country or world is watching. It is up to you. Though, it is always best to practise with smaller targets. So, watch local games/competitions online and see if you are even interested in analysing them on paper. Also, it’s best to write about the sports you already know well. Thus, focus on the areas where you have the most expertise.

In addition, consider attending sports events whenever you can. Being at the scene and in the crowd gives you the full experience. You don’t have to miss a thing now. No TV screen or sudden cuts will spoil your analysis of the game or competition. Plus, watching the reactions of the people around you can help you dive into the atmosphere and witness all those raw emotions firsthand.

Use your experience

As a former athlete or person who did various sports, you may possess valuable insights into what is actually going on on the field. Of course, you can and should use this inside knowledge to your advantage. Any writer relies on their personal and professional experiences when doing their work. So, writing reviews is no different. Besides, recalling your days in maybe college sports or in professional sports should be quite heartwarming. Though, now you can also recall your former training, past competitions, their organisation level, or big victories of the past. Some of the reviews may benefit from such comparisons. For instance, these can be brief notes, mentioning certain similarities in the routines or the last times a local team has achieved such successes.

Lastly, being experienced in sports gives you an advantage over younger writers who have not participated in similar sports or haven’t learned as much about them just yet. You don’t need to spend extra time researching the rules or recent history of sports/teams, as you already know, though some memory-refreshing in the library won’t be a bad idea.

Follow traditional structure

All forms of writing can follow the classical writing structure. Thus, you have a strong beginning, middle part (main body), and conclusion. The structure is everything for a professional paper. It helps writers deliver the message, explain the topic of writing, and lead readers throughout the text. Hence, the right sentence order and clarity of thoughts are essential for convincing and simply readable text.

Fortunately, there are clear rules for each section of the review. For example, your first section, the introduction, should explain the point of writing, including a brief summary of the event. The second part is for elaborating on the event’s score. Thus, you have to explain the main points of the session. Finally, in the end, you summarise the general impression of the event, briefly explain the meaning of such a result for the team/competitors, and remind readers about the upcoming related sports event.

Certainly, mastering all these aspects will take a while. A review is a short piece of writing packed with information. Delivering it in a concise but engaging manner takes practise. Fortunately, you can also explore the online collection of writing services to find writers and editors who can help you with the technical parts of the writing process.

Always edit

Life is never too short for editing. It’s an essential part of the writing job. So, don’t ever submit a paper without proofreading and editing it. That’s your last chance to find any errors, correct the thought flow, or catch inaccurate information. Consider giving your reviews to friends or family for a read. They can share their opinions or point out some flaws. Perhaps, give it to people of different ages to gain a better perspective of what readers want to see in a piece like that.

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