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Making the most of your retirement

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When people think of retirement, their minds often drift to coffee mornings, afternoon tea and evenings playing Bridge. And whilst that might be exactly how some people wish to spend their later years, it isn’t for everyone. With some useful financial support, from care benefits to free medical checks, discounted electricity bills and help to cover winter fuel, there are ways to make your retirement as comfortable as possible. Whilst that’s taken care of, that leaves you free to pursue other things – things that maybe you’ve spent your whole life wanting to do.

Perfect your game

There’s plenty of relaxing, low-impact team sports that you can get involved in. Whether you want to improve your forehand in a game of doubles, earn a strike in bowls or knock in the perfect hole-in-one, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active. If you’re looking for some high-quality wedges to take on the golf course with you, Golfbidder boasts Europe’s biggest range of new and used golf clubs. A cheaper and more sustainable way to pursue your favourite hobby, they sell a huge range of brands and golf clubs that’ll see you take on the course like a pro.

Travel the world

With so much uninterrupted time on your hands, now is a great opportunity to travel. And although it might be tempting to embark on the trip of a lifetime and buzz around places you’ve always dreamed of going, it is also important to consider your health, personal inclinations and financial situation before taking off.

Travel can be expensive and mentally and physically demanding. Consider taking a cruise so the organisational side is done for you, think about volunteering along the way to help you financially and give your trip some greater meaning or investigate housesitting so you won’t have to move around so much.

If you have an adventurous spirit, there are plenty of safe and sensible ways to travel during retirement that doesn’t require a traveller’s backpack and sleepless nights in a youth hostel.

Learn a new skill

Use retirement to your advantage and add a new skill to the toolbox. New research shows that doing activities like learning a new language, mastering photography, gardening, writing, playing music or painting can protect against the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and make the brain up to three decades younger. Such learning processes can see huge growth in cognitive abilities and see you through a fruitful and rewarding retirement.

Keep active

Finally, you don’t have to succumb to the comfy armchair, and can stay active with a range of recommended sports that aid mobility without being too strenuous. Such sports include Tai Chi and yoga, both of which improve balance, strength and posture. If you prefer to combine it with the great outdoors, walking is always a great way to keep up your fitness, see some beautiful landscapes and spend plenty of time in the fresh air. And if you fancy some company, there are plenty of walking clubs ready to welcome you.


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