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Five ways to feel nostalgic

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From remembering happier days during a tough period to ‘who remembers’ memes, nostalgia flits in and out of our lives in various ways. Yet there are also times when we might want to deliberately foster this special feeling — so what are some ways we can do so?

Whether you’re looking for nostalgic gift ideas for someone else or fancy a little trip down memory lane yourself, you’re sure to find something to do the trick in this article. Keep reading for five ways to feel nostalgic.

Frame old posters

Decorating your walls with old art would be a great way to add a sense of days gone by to your home décor – but many people don’t have the budget for this.

Dated posters are a great alternative. Not only are they more affordable, but if you choose stylish posters and frame them nicely, they can make just as big an impact.

Reconnect with music

It sounds like a cliché, yet it has to be said – there’s something magical about the way music can take you right back to the most special moments in life.

Yet it isn’t just music itself that can remind us of past but also the methods we used to use to play it. And purchasing old equipment such as cassette players and radios can be a great way to reminisce.

Many people wanting to get more out of their music invest in turntables, using them to play their old favourites on vinyl records. Whether it’s the impressive artwork on the cover or simply the satisfaction of dropping the needle onto the wax – there’s so much to carry you back to a different era.

Buy retro gadgets

Everyone loves technology like computers and smartphones – and this was especially true in the early days before everyone had one. There’s nothing like buying a piece of ancient tech that throws you back in time.

Whether you prefer a retro rotary telephone, a USB typewriter, or even an old games console like an NES mini classic, there’s so many retro gadgets you can order online to help take you down memory lane.

Wear vintage clothing

In recent years, clothing from eras past has returned to popularity, largely due to a rising interest in sustainability fuelled by the ongoing climate crisis.

But more importantly, there’s nothing like the feeling of nostalgic joy that comes with wearing vintage clothing. When you put on a vintage-inspired outfit, you’re called to ponder the past life of each of your garments and picture the lives of people in the era they came from.

Watch old films

Most films are made so as to stir your emotions up, but modern films often don’t achieve this quite as well as old films. This is because we tend to build up associations between our memories and stories that are set in a time that we’ve lived through.

Whether you try watching a film that’s set during the era that you grew up in or re-watch old films that you first saw earlier in life, you’re sure to stir up a strong sense of nostalgia.


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

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