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Key Differences between HP and PCP when buying a car

Collaborative Post When purchasing a vehicle, either through HP or PCP, some factors should be considered. In a Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you have to pay a deposit when signing up. Although many finance companies will only ask for a small minimum amount, the initial deposit can be as much as 15% of the car’s […]

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What plants are the easiest for elderly gardeners?

Collaborative Post There are many joys that gardening can bring us, and after over a year being stuck in lockdown it’s no wonder this outdoor pastime is becoming more and more popular. Recent research has found that almost 3 million more of us have taken up gardening this year as a result of lockdown. A […]

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Why Should I Consider Downsizing My Car?

Collaborative Post You often hear of people downsizing their home, but have you ever thought about downsizing your car? Bigger is often seen as better in today’s society, but this is not always the case and downsizing your car could improve your life in a number of different ways. Keep reading to discover a few […]

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Retiring in Portugal vs the UK

Collaborative Post When you decide to stop your full-time working life and retire, it is an opportunity to revaluate what is important to you, a point at which you can take back full control of your life. It is likely that your children are independent, your mortgage paid off and your retirement lump sum yours […]

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How to spend free time at weekends with seniors

Despite the numerous calls on our time, including the pressures of work, there are many benefits of spending time with our seniors. Connections allow us to build and foster strong relationships. Your older family and friends will greatly benefit from spending time with you. Just discussing your experiences and perspectives and listening to their perspective […]

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How to Continue Making Money During Your Retirement

Collaborative Post There’s undoubtedly a private pension shortfall in the UK, with a recent report revealing that more than £1 billion worth of this may be the result of repeated human errors and overly complex withdrawal rules. With this and the rapidly dwindling state pension directly impacting retirees throughout the UK, it’s becoming apparent that […]

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Ways of Protecting the Environment When Removing Garden Waste

Collaborative Post A garden is a beautiful place. It can be a place of relaxation, creativity, and exercise. However, it also can produce great amounts of waste that need to be disposed of responsibly. As the autumn progresses, homeowners will want to begin cleaning up their gardens and yards. While putting away flowers and raking […]

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