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Tips to help your elderly parent downsize

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Perhaps the time has come for your parents to downsize and move into a smaller place? Doing so might make things easier and improve their quality of life. Downsizing can be helpful for older people, yet it can be stressful if not approached right. To help you support your parents, try these tips.

Start an open conversation

Your parents have likely lived in their property for a long while; it’s also unlikely that they really want to leave. Nevertheless, living in a larger property can become difficult for elderly people to manage. Whether it’s getting up and down the stairs or keeping up with the cleaning, many older people can benefit from living in a smaller flat or a bungalow.

When you start the conversation about downsizing, you’ll need to tread carefully. Be mindful of your parents feelings; it’s important that it doesn’t come across as though you’re telling them what to do.

Help them to declutter

If your parents agree that downsizing might be the best thing for them, you can start getting organized. One of the first steps is to declutter. Downsizing means that your parents will have far less space, and so it will be impossible to keep all of their belongings. The decluttering process takes a long while, and it will be too overwhelming for your parents to do too much at once. Set aside an hour or so every week to declutter. If you’re interested in selling unwanted items, try apps like Facebook Marketplace, Shpock, or Decluttr. There are plenty of downsizing tips online to give you more ideas.

Be sensitive and compassionate

When you’re decluttering your parent’s home, it’s essential to be sensitive and compassionate. They might find it hard to get rid of old items, and what you view as ‘junk’ might be very important to them. If your parents have a particularly hard time downsizing, you could consider storage options. A storage solution will allow them to downsize and keep all of their belongings. Of course, storage solutions can be expensive.

The right moving company

A great moving company is the difference between an enjoyable move and a stressful one. When you’re looking for a removal service, ensure that you conduct thorough research. It’s advisable to choose a company with plenty of experience and some excellent testimonials from previous customers. Many companies offer packing services, as well as removal. A packing service is a great way to ensure that your parent’s move is stress-free.

Conveyancing solicitors

To ensure that the sale runs smoothly, you’ll need to hire a conveyancing solicitor. Conveyancing is an integral part of the process when purchasing or selling a property. These solicitors help throughout the settlement process, including the title transfers. Your conveyancing solicitors will ensure that all legal obligations are met. By helping with this process you’ll be financially taking care of your parents, and ensuring that their rights are protected.

Help them create a new home

Lastly, when your parents are in their new place, it’s bound to feel a little strange. Help them to create a new home with plenty of homely touches. Keep as much of their old furniture as possible, put pictures up of your family, and help them to redecorate to reflect their style.


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