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The best ways to spend time after retirement

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Are you finding friends and family have more time for themselves as they wind down into retirement, but aren’t sure how to make the best use of that time?

Here are a few thoughts on making plans for great ways to enjoy retirement.

Discover new horizons

Many new retirees are taking the opportunity to see places they’ve never been by taking up travelling. Whether it’s the increasingly popular retirement gap year or a short break, there are plenty of offers to be found with a little research. Friends and families can help retirees plan their trips by giving them travel and holiday gift cards to get their trip started.

Find a place in the sun

Retiring to a warm country such as Spain has long been a favourite choice for many. While economic downturns have hit ex-pats recently, there are still plenty of communities ready to welcome new members who choose to re-locate completely, or buy a holiday home that they can rent out to help cover costs.

Enjoy a long staycation

Travel doesn’t have to mean going overseas. The UK is rich in fascinating history and beautiful scenery, and even the weather can be kind at times. There’s fun to be had in setting a goal, such as visiting all the racecourses in the country, taking trips to sites made famous by favourite television shows, or walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall. The possibilities are endless.

Spend time on a hobby

Many retirees already have hobbies that they can finally spend more time on, from running an allotment to learning to fly. Those who have dedicated their time to work may not have hobbies already, so finding taster sessions or helping friends out are good ways to get started.

Start a new business

Retirement from one job doesn’t need to mean leaving the world of work forever. Many retirees turn their hobbies into businesses, selling crafts or upcycled goods for example on the growing number of platforms like Etsy. Others follow dreams to try something completely different, like bringing their life experiences to counselling. Whatever the business, any extra income is a great supplement to pensions, and may even be enough for a retiree to defer taking their pensions until later in life.

Catch up with old friends

Now is a good time to get in touch with all those people on the Christmas card list and finally meet up with them again face to face, especially if they have also recently retired. Leaving a job often means leaving contact with people behind too, so for those who enjoy human contact on a regular basis, making appointments to maintain those relationships can be hugely valuable, and help to keep loneliness at bay.

Make the most of any day

There’s time now to enjoy life at a leisurely pace or up the adrenaline with an exciting new experience. When friends and family choose giftcards for birthdays and other celebrations, they’re giving the opportunity to make experiences more special, while letting the recipient choose the activity, the time and the place.


Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash


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