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Why New-Build Homes Are Perfect for Retirees and Empty Nesters

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Are things changing for you? Maybe your youngest just left home for university. Or perhaps you’re approaching retirement and you’re considering your options.

Whatever stage you’re at, you might be in a position to sell your property and move on. After all, the large family home may have served its purpose. But if it’s been a while since you last looked at house prices and the types of properties that are on the market, it can be tricky knowing where to begin.

One consideration, whether you’re downsizing or looking for something with better accessibility, is a new-build property. Here’s a look at why this option could be ideal.

Accessibility features and modern amenities

House builders have been increasingly focusing on making new properties more inclusive for elderly and disabled homeowners. Wider doorways, lower light switches and more open plan living all mean that new build homes are much more accessible for those who need it.

The modern amenities fitted are there to enhance quality of life. There are properties that are fully wheelchair-accessible, for example. This means that you wouldn’t have to add anything, unlike with a traditional property that could require adaptations.

Energy efficient

One of the biggest draws is that new-build homes are more energy efficient than older properties. The draughts and thin insulation that are often issues in standard homes aren’t a problem in newer properties. This is largely because they’re built using the latest eco-friendly materials and with efficiency in mind.

Housebuilders are creating house types having an Energy Performance Certificate ratings of A or B. They’re carefully selecting materials and with the gas boiler ban on set to come into force, these are ideal homes for the planet.

They’re also better for your finances as energy efficient homes significantly reduce household’s energy usage, therefore reducing energy bills and saving you money at a stage when you might need to consider your income more – especially if you’re planning your retirement.

Low maintenance

New builds are designed to a certain spec. This means that you won’t have to worry about financing costly renovations or make any repairs. Instead, these properties are already fitted with the essentials, so you can save the money you’d need to renovate a standard house and put this towards socialising or taking up a new hobby.

Community living

New builds are often mini communities. Housing developments tend to include rows of shops and all the standard amenities you need, along with different sections, allowing you to get to know your neighbours.

Parks and playsets are also built onsite, giving you somewhere safe and secure to take your grandchildren that’s close to your home.


Are you considering buying a new build?

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