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3 practical recommendations on buying property and relocation to Turkey

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Turkey, with its glorious past, rich cultural heritage and stunning nature, has been an alluring place for many expats for many years. Purchasing a villa or an apartment on the coast in Turkey is a good solution for those who want to relocate or obtain a beneficial investment project. Along with searching for comfortable flats by the sea in Turkey, foreigners are interested in concluding the deal without any challenging issues. For this reason, we have identified 3 useful recommendations around how to make the purchase smooth and profitable.

Prepare extra money in case of necessity

Today changing your permanent location does not require too much effort but does need a sound budget. It would be wise for a foreigner to evaluate the potential expenses and prepare some extra budget.

Among the important expenses that cannot be avoided are:

  • purchase or rent of accommodation
  • utility bills
  • food, clothes, entertainment
  • educational, medical, and other services
  • cost of using a car or public transport.

If your financial security allows you to live in the country for at least 5-6 months without getting any income, you can pack your bags. Of course, if you have some monthly passive income, for example, from business or renting properties in your home country, it will be helpful and it will be much easier for you to settle down.

Learn Turkish beforehand or at least start doing this

Knowledge of the language will help not only to pass the period of adaptation quickly but to find a job and make friends. Benefits of being fluent in Turkish are numerous. Take learning Turkish seriously, because it will be much easier for you to migrate to Turkey and already know how to shop at the market or in a store. Without learning the language, you will never fully understand the culture of the country you have chosen to live in.

If you buy real estate to give a significant passive income, knowledge of the language will help you in the negotiations with the developers. However, it is not so obligatory, as there are many certified interpreters and lawyers that work in English.

Be responsible in choosing the location

Relocation as well as buying real estate in Turkey has many crucial issues. One of them is to select a suitable location. So how to choose the right property in Turkey, so that the purchase is a joy, and investments are profitable?

The next characteristics are to be considered:

  • Transport accessibility. Is it convenient to get to the city centre, frequent places you visit: work, favourite shopping malls, attractions and the beach? Is public transport is well developed, or there are frequent traffic jams?
  • The environment. Are there parks and squares, or are there any industrial facilities nearby, and what is the level of air pollution?
  • Safety. What is the level of criminality, and what are the number of fire stations, ambulance stations, and clinics?
  • Infrastructure. Are there large shopping, entertainment and sports centres, supermarkets, consumer service centres, cafes and restaurants, kindergartens and schools nearby?
  • Social environment. Is the area densely populated or quiet, are there many new buildings and their number of floors, is there social housing?

One more important characteristic is the number of tourists that visit the cities of Turkey annually. If you buy rental real estate, it is advisable to choose more touristic destinations. They provide more opportunities for successful leasing and getting higher income. If you buy real estate for living, then think about constant noise and crowds of people, especially in a hot season.

The outcomes

Relocation as well as buying real estate in Turkey is a relatively simple process that needs careful preparation. Always think about the accommodation. When choosing a home, you can’t rely only on one or two criteria. All of them must be evaluated beforehand, although two are decisive: the area and the budget allocated for the purchase. The aggregator Turk.Estate offers a wide selection of comfortable villas and apartments at reasonable prices. Irrespective of your goals, the website provides valuable information and high-quality pictures of various housing objects in Turkey.



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