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How to Support Elderly Relatives as They Move into Safe Accommodation

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Lockdown might be over but the danger that coronavirus poses to the elderly and high-risk individuals is still very present. With fears of a second wave hitting, thousands of old people across the country are taking now as the opportunity to move into safer accommodation. This comes as no surprise, seeing how care homes have been devastated by the pandemic. If your elderly relative is planning on moving, you’re probably wondering how you might be able to help them make this shift. Well, look no further. We’ve written this article as a guide to those who want to support their loved ones as they move into safer accommodation. Read on and find out how exactly you might go about doing so.

Help Find Accommodation

Old people don’t usually have the physical or emotional resources needed to find accommodation all by themselves. Support your loved one by offering to take some of the load and look for new housing with them. This will massively ease their strain and ensure they’re not being ripped off by salespeople, too.


Many elderly people no longer choose to drive, which makes moving accommodation a nightmare for them. They also might feel less inclined to use a home removals company or other services because of the pandemic. Therefore, one of the best ways you can support them is by offering to transport their items to their new accommodation. This will take a massive weight off their shoulders. Not only does this require less money and organisation, but also your loved one will appreciate having your help.


Moving home is particularly difficult because of the massive number of personal belongings that need to be shifted. Elderly relatives tend to have collected a lot of stuff over the years, too. Usually, there’s not enough time in the day to move it all, and their new accommodation isn’t big enough to fit everything in. Obviously, it would be a shame to give up these belongings as there’s a legacy behind them. Instead, we recommend looking into Safestore storage options. This is one example of the better storage providers who come with flexible contracts and meet a variety of needs, providing practical solutions for helping you move your elderly relatives.

Emotional Support

It’s notoriously stressful to move to a new house, let alone amid a pandemic. Your elderly relative is probably overwrought with anxiety at the prospect of it. They are likely dealing with a lot of other complicated emotional issues, too. One of the best ways you can support your elderly relative is by listening to what they have to say. What are their fears and anxieties? What do they need? How can you provide additional help? This might seem simple but it’s essential because mental health has worsened in the elderly as a result of the pandemic. They’ll be grieving their old home and what their life used to look like.

Little Acts of Kindness

Now your relative has moved accommodation, they’re probably struggling to settle in. After all, they don’t know anyone nor where everything is. You can help your loved one adjust to their new surroundings by visiting them frequently and keeping them company. This will help them feel less lonely in these times of social distancing. It’s also incredibly useful to buy their food shopping for them, especially as the elderly should avoid public places where they can.

These are some of the best ways to support your loved ones as they move into safe accommodation. During these unprecedented times, we must go out of our way to ensure the elderly are cared for.


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