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How to Make a Retirement Apartment Feel Like Home

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Helping an elderly relative through the process of moving into a retirement home can be a difficult process. The realisation that the house they have lived in for decades is now unsuitable for them can be an upsetting time for everyone involved. Maybe the house is too big for them to maintain, or the stairs are just too hard to tackle nowadays. Whatever the reason, it is never easy to decide to move.

Knowing how best to support your ageing parent through a transition like a big home move in their later years can feel hard. Getting the balance right between being helpful and making the process easier for them, but not taking over, can be tricky. While you don’t want to step on their toes and dominate their decision-making, you also don’t want them to feel unsupported and alone. Focusing on the positive aspects of the move, but not dismissing the understandable upset your parent feels about moving home, can be helpful.

Many blocks of retirement apartments have quite an active social life. If your parent has been feeling lonely or isolated recently, being surrounded by fellow residents and getting involved in the social activities on offer can be positive.

Moving your ageing relative from their familiar surroundings can feel unsettling for everyone involved. However, there are ways to help them feel more comfortable in their new home.

Clean and Tidy

Moving into an apartment that seems uncared for and grubby won’t help your loved one to feel at home there. Bringing all your belongings into a dirty house is a horrible experience for anyone, let alone if you are already finding the move hard to adjust to.

Opening up the windows and letting some fresh air in and giving the rooms a thorough clean will leave the apartment feeling both aired and smelling fresh. Getting the place looking clean and presentable before they move in will help your relative find it easier to relax and grow accustomed to their new environment.

Depending on how able they are, your relative may also want to help with some of the cleaning duties. Getting involved in the process can help them through this time of adjustment, and will also help to keep them busy and active.


 You may find that the process of decorating helps to build up your parent’s enthusiasm for their new home. Choosing new paint colours and wallpapers will help them to put their stamp on the property and breathe some new life into it.

New furniture is an excellent way to make the flat feel homely. Buying new furniture provides the opportunity to choose pieces that perfectly suit your loved one’s needs. Health Care Furniture is now more stylish than ever before, so it is easy to find items that are practical as well as look great.

To truly make the apartment feel like home add in those all-important personal touches. Displaying treasured photographs and ornaments that are full of happy memories will help with this.

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