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How to keep your home in order during retirement

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Your home becomes a very important place during retirement. It can provide comfort as a place in which you can wind down and relax. If your house or flat doesn’t feel as comfortable as it could, maybe due to clutter or inconveniently placed furniture, there may be ways to improve it. If you are a proud homeowner, here is how you can keep your home in order during retirement.

How can keeping your house in order help you?

Retirement allows you to relax or spend time with your loved ones. Homes that have too much clutter and are uncomfortable to live in can lead to a great amount of stress. Since you may spend more time at home now, maintaining your home can be especially important.

Financially, you could also benefit from upgrades since this can increase the value of your home. Building an extension may give you more space and add another room for DIY projects, a larger kitchen or a sunroom.

Avoid costly repairs by inspecting your home regularly. ‘Conduct a yearly walk of your property and home exterior. Make sure to check the siding or exterior paint for splits, cracks or gaps, and checking your retaining walls, cinderblock fencing or chain link fencing for holes, loose parts or torn links’, Sun Health Communities writes.

What do you need to consider when maintaining your home?


Plan what changes you would like to make to your home during retirement.

DIY or contracted?

The nature of the renovation you wish to do will usually answer this question, with more labour-intensive and heavy lifting renovations being contracted to builders, and easier DIY jobs being completed by you.


When going into a flurry of DIY jobs, needing to stop and go to the shop or shop online to get the tool needed can slow you down. Make sure to plan what tools you will need for each project. With a screwdriver set being essential, drills, spanners etc, in the garage you will need a tool box to hold your DIY tools ready for you to complete the renovations.


To make sure your home is practical during your retirement; you may want to add in more accessibility solutions.


Organising your home is important during your retirement, helping you to access things easily and find things.

Many people in retirement enjoy working on their home or in the garden as a hobby rather than a chore. If you enjoy carrying out small repairs or decorations, take advantage of the possibilities you may have. You may even be able to turn it into an income, for example, by refurbishing old furniture and selling it.


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