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Best TV Beds with Speakers in 2023

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TV beds are amazing inventions made even better with built-in speakers because they deliver a first-class audio and visual experience.

The downside to the TV beds of old is they relied on TV speakers for audio, but the best TV beds on the market today have built-in speakers.

The audio capabilities of built-in speakers enable immersive sound without needing additional speakers, and you can get 4.1 and 2.1 surround sound systems to transform the quality of all types of content.

This article reveals the best TV beds with speakers in 2023.

What is a TV bed?

Before jumping into the best TV beds, let’s define one.

TV beds are bed frames with a motorised TV mount inside the headboard. The TV mount lifts and retracts at the press of a button, effectively hiding or showing your TV on a whim.

The beauty of TV beds is that they de-clutter a bedroom while enabling a better entertainment experience, tidying things up without compromise.

While expensive compared to regular bed frames, TV beds are rock solid, and many models have built-in ottoman storage for practicality.

TV beds with speakers

Without further ado, these are the best TV beds with speakers in 2023:

Star TV Ann

Price: £1,399 (king). Also available in double and super king.

The Star TV Ann has a 2.1 surround sound system with two footboard-mounted speakers and a subwoofer for powerful bass. The 5w speakers deliver crisp audio, and the mount can hold a TV up to 43”, supporting LED and LCD models.

You also get Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated remote control with bass controls, an underneath compartment for a TV box, and USB charging points at either side of the bed, letting you banish your phone charger.

Pictured: Star TV Ann 5FT Kingsize TV Bed – Grey, Available from Bedstar.

Star TV Ardor

Price: £1,529 (king). Also available in double and super king.

The Star TV Ardor has a built-in soundbar and subwoofer, providing a 1.1 audio system that is significantly louder and more vibrant than TV audio.

Pictured: Star TV Ardor 5FT Kingsize TV Bed – Grey. Available from Bedstar.

It’s ideal for gaming, and you can control the bass level with the integrated remote.

The Ardor holds a TV up to 43” and has a helpful side compartment for a TV box or slender games console. Additionally, it has ottoman storage, USB ports on both headboard sides to charge your devices and soft grey fabric upholstery.

Star TV Parfame

Price: £1,559 (king). Also available in double and super king.

The Star TV Parfame offers an upgraded audio experience with a 4.1 surround sound system consisting of two headboard-mounted speakers, a central footboard soundbar, and a dedicated subwoofer for pumping bass.

Pictured: Star TV Parfame 5FT Kingsize TV Bed – Velvet Grey. Available from Bedstar.

We adore the Parfame’s luxury grey velvet upholstery and quilted headboard. It also offers ottoman storage, Bluetooth, USB ports, and a side compartment for a TV box. Look no further for a luxurious TV bed.

Star TV Eston

Price: £1,599 (king). Also available in double and super king.

The Star TV Eston is a relatively slender bed with an impressive 2.1 surround sound system. The 5w speakers and 10w subwoofer deliver crisp, powerful audio, while the TV mount can hold a TV up to 43”.

Pictured: Star TV Eston 5FT Kingsize TV Bed. Available from Bedstar.

We love the cubed headboard and durable grey fabric upholstery, with the footboard housing a whisper-quiet electric motor. The remote control is easy to use, and the TV turns off automatically when the mount lowers it down.

Kaydian Design Titan

Price: £2,229 (king). Also available in super king.

The Kaydian Design Titan is the most luxurious TV bed you can buy. It has a 4.1 fully controllable surround sound system and a 3-directional HD soundbar, providing the ultimate audio experience for gaming and watching movies in bed. Pictured: Kaydian Design Titan 5FT Kingsize TV Bed – Marbella Grey. Available from Bedstar.

You get a standard 3.5mm headphone socket on both headboard sides, built-in USB charging ports and a chargeable and integrated remote control. It takes a TV up to 43”, and the high headboard provides a towering appearance.


Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash

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