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Furnishings to consider for a modern house renovation

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So, the time has come to begin investing in a modern house renovation. This is wonderful news! You are taking the leap into designing your home your way. But there are so many different aspects to consider, such as floor plan, wall layout, furniture choice and fixture addition or removal.

It can sometimes be hard to know where to start for a house renovation, and one of the most difficult things to decide upon is furniture. There’s a vast selection of furniture and furnishings to choose from, which is part of the problem.

What do you go with? What kind of furniture matches your creative aesthetic vision? And what pieces don’t fit this vision, no matter how hard you want them to?

This article will cover some great furnishing options to think about when renovating your house. Let’s get that house feeling more like a home!

Don’t ignore your radiators

In all the chaos of choosing what you want and what you’ll think will be great for your home, certain aspects of your home furnishings (such as the radiator) can get ignored. When it comes to home design, nobody’s mind goes to the radiator as one of the first things to consider.

But radiators take up a significant amount of wall space and deserve more attention than they get, and they certainly deserve more than a fresh coat of paint.

When renovating for a modern aesthetic, it may be worth looking into different kinds of radiators that may suit your stylistic needs and your energy conservation needs. Getting a newer model of a radiator as a part of your renovation will help you save on energy bills as modern radiators tend to be more energy-efficient.

Trade radiators have an excellent selection of radiators to choose from. Click here to view them.

Don’t settle for boring internal doors

Internal house doors can often be bland and uninteresting, but with a modern style aesthetic, this doesn’t need to be the case. There’s a whole load of options to explore that’ll spruce up your living spaces and give your home that modern flare you are chasing.

Why not consider internal doors with decorative glass panes? Or, if you are going for a more neo-traditional look, you could always use a set of curtains to take the place of a door. You can do so much with a simple doorway that can liven up your home.

Another great idea to consider incorporating is painting your internal door contours. If you opt to go with a solid wooden door, it’ll most likely have concaves carved into its chassis – usually in a rectangle or square. Painting these concaves or carvings is a great way to turn mundane furnishing into an eye-catching one.

Strip back and use original features

In stripping back your home spaces to their bare bones, you may discover old features that could be used in your new home style. A great example could be old fireplaces boarded over or the bare brick of the wall itself hiding behind layers of paint and plaster.

If you find a layer of brick at the bottom (if you explore that far), this can go well with modern cottage-core aesthetics or contemporary rustic fusion aesthetics.

A fireplace can also be modernised to fit a range of contemporary styles. Try and use what your home already has!

Stylise your glass features

Adding some personal style to your glass features is a brilliant way to make your home stand out and be different from everything else. And stylising your glass can take so many different forms depending on what you want and need.

A high-end option that could prove fairly expensive (but worth it) is buying stained glass from a glassmaker. Stained glass can come in a range of colours and can help you subtly set the tone of a room using natural light.

For example, you could go with a very soft, faint yellow tint for your windows to brighten up your spaces.

A more cost-effective way to accomplish this could be to buy stick-on film layers that can do the same thing. This is the same process glassmakers and contractors use to add misting to bathroom windows.

To summarise 

Decide to be bold and creative where it will work for you and the home’s overarching aesthetic. There’s no point being boring and styling your modern home like everyone else.

Choose to be a trendsetter and create something you are proud to call home. Just be cautious not to be too eccentric (unless you want to be)!

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

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