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Finding the perfect home for an elderly loved one

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Watching our loved ones grow older can be an odd experience. We’re used to them being the ones who take control. Being independent. Knowing what to do and say at the right time. But as people age, a lot of changes occur. Many grow weaker and less mobile. Some may begin to experience issues with their memory. They may need support and assistance with routine tasks. At this point, it is often up to you to support them. Of course, there are countless ways you can assist the loved ones in your life, but one major area you might want to focus on is their home. Older people often have to adapt their homes or move into new homes to lead a quality and easy life. Here are some suggestions that could help with this.


Often, seniors like to move into a bungalow during their later years. Bungalows are single floor homes which eliminate the need for climbing or descending stairs – a common issue for many older people. They can be open plan to reduce doorways and to open up the space, or they can have different rooms to give the look and feel of a standard home, just spread across one floor. Take a look at property listings to find appropriate options in your loved one’s chosen area. Always make sure to visit and view the property too. This will help you to ensure that the home is up to scratch and that neighbours and the surrounding area are fine too.

Renovations and Adjustments

If your loved one wants to stay in their own home, this isn’t a problem. There are a number of renovations and adjustments that can be made to help their current home better suit their needs. This is often favoured by those who have lived in their home for a long time and have a lifetime of memories in it. Some renovations or adjustments that you might want to consider include ramps to the front door or out into the garden, hand rails in spots they need to lower or lift themselves, stair lifts, walk in bath tubs and more.

Assisted Living

Does your loved one require assistance with medicine, cleaning or other routine tasks? This is where assisted living could be a good option. Assisted living will see qualified professionals come out and cater to your loved one. Whether that’s making sure they’re getting their medicine or taking readings (this will require a qualified nurse) or simply keeping them company, helping with cleaning or household chores, helping with washing and getting dressed or anything else.

Care Homes

 Another option is care homes. Care homes are living facilities for multiple elderly people with dedicated, often round the clock staff. This is ideal for elderly individuals who are feeling lonely and want company, or who require more consistent care.

These are just a few suggestions, but hopefully one will meet your older loved one’s needs and preferences. This change can make all the difference!


Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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Jack Watts
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