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5 Ways to Stay Fit as You Grow Older

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Keeping fit is something that we all value, not least because it allows us to go about our daily lives, being able to do what we want to with as much autonomy as possible. Whilst some health conditions can stand in your way of staying fit, the truth is that most of us can – and should – stay active, even if it’s only by going on a short walk a day.

We’ve noted down 5 ways that you can stay fit as you grow older, even if you thought that it was time to hang up those gym shorts!

#1: Take up a hobby

When you’re older, particularly when you’re retired, you can get stuck in a rut. You may find that you’re at home a lot, or that you’re just not getting out as much as you used to. Taking up a hobby, like dancing, could be a good way for you to stay fit, and it’s also great news for your social life, too. Think about something that you could do, that would be enjoyable and good for your health.

#2: Don’t let a health condition get in the way

If you’re suffering from a health condition, then you should – if your doctor gives you the all clear – still be able to stay fit, but just in different ways. Perhaps you can sit in a chair when you work out, or do less strenuous exercises, or you could simply try to increase how far you walk each day. You don’t need to push yourself too far, and you should be wary, but try to do exercises that suit you and your needs.

#3: Stay mentally fit

Something that is rarely discussed, particularly amongst older generations, is mental health. The truth is, however, that you are at risk of becoming more lonely as you get older, and you can find that certain things make your mental health deteriorate quicker. Try to maintain an active social life, and read books or newspapers when you can. This will keep your brain at its best, which is good news all around!

#4: Keep going to the gym

Whilst you may be getting a little bit older, the truth is that you may still be able to go to the gym. You don’t necessarily need to be asking, ‘how much do crossfit coaches make?’ and signing yourself up, but you can carry on using certain equipment, and even making the most out of the swimming pool and the sauna on offer in your local gym. There’s no need to cancel that membership just yet!

#5: Go for a walk with a friend

OK, so you may have received that free bus pass now, but walking should still be one of your priorities if you can fit it in (and you’re healthy enough to do it). Perhaps walk to the next bus stop along from your house, so that you get a bit more exercise in, or go for a walk with your friends or family members when the sun is out. It’s the little things, but they do add up to a lot in the long-run.

So, if you want to stay fit as you grow older, then keep these things in mind!

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