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5 Home Renovation Tips for Moving in Elderly Relatives

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The time may come when our relatives can no longer care for themselves in their own homes. When this happens, you might decide that the best solution is to move them into your home.

Of course, this is not only a significant undertaking on your own family life, but it may require modifications to your property, so think carefully about your options and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the new arrangement.

So, if you’re preparing to move in an ageing parent or loved one, here are just five home improvements you could consider making.

Add Railings

Railings and grab bars are one of the most essential additions you can make throughout your home.

As we age, we often have moments of unsteadiness on our feet, and ensuring that there’s something close by for your relatives to grab onto if they need it is a must.

While placing them in the bathroom might be obvious, it’s also a good idea to place them in other rooms, and even the hallways, as well.

Convert a Downstairs Space

Climbing up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom and bedroom can sometimes be a challenge for relatives with ageing joints.

However, if you have the room to do so, then consider converting some of your downstairs space into a bedroom with an en suite. This way your relatives can get to and from bed easier, as well as benefiting from the privacy of their own bathroom.

Ensure Wheelchair Access

The time may come when your relatives can no longer walk around by themselves, if this happens, you need to ensure that your home is wheelchair friendly.

This not only means installing ramps in and out of your property, but also ensuring that doorways are wide enough for a wheelchair to easily pass through.

If you’re in the market for wider internal doors, then discover the huge selection offered by Oakwood Doors, this leading supplier for internal oak doors, can help you find the perfect option for your design needs.

Think About Your Flooring

Changing the flooring in your home might be a necessity. However it’s important to ensure that these changes align with your relatives’ needs.

For example, tiles and wood are great for navigating a space in a wheelchair, but they can also become incredibly slippery when wet.

Make sure that you make the flooring change that best fits the needs of those living in the household.

Install Smart Technology

Smart technology such as Alexa devices will mean that your relative can do something as simple as turning on the lights without having to get up and go to the switch.

Installing smart technology can not only make life easier for the elderly, but it can also free up your hands too!


If you need to make changes to your home, then consider looking into government grants that make things easier. And if you’re thinking about improvements like these this is a great opportunity to learn more about refurbishment throughout the property.


Image under licence from Unsplash.


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