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Outfit Ideas To Style Crocs Like a Pro

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When they first hit the market, Crocs quickly gained an unfavourable reputation, classed as comfortable but ugly. Thankfully, since then, the company has made the necessary changes to alter public perception and set the iconic footwear on a steady path to trend-setting popularity. These days, styling them alongside your favourite wardrobe staples is easier than ever.

To fully embrace and experience the ever-growing popularity of Crocs, leave behind the negative opinions that once plagued these iconic shoes, and appreciate a level of unmatched comfort.

Traditional White

You should think of white Crocs the same way you would think about your favourite pair of white sneakers or the classic ballet pumps in your closet. Pair them with other wardrobe staples, like blue-wash jeans in your chosen style, simple white tees and flowy dresses.

The beauty of neutral white means you have endless combination possibilities, making them incredibly versatile. It is worth noting that white shoes do get dirty fairly quickly, but Crocs are well-known for being easy to clean and maintain.

Elevate With Platforms

When the warmer weather is upon you, and you are looking for a simple go-to option that can be thrown on without a second thought, match your favourite summer dress with a pair of colourful and flirty platform Crocs. The fun colours and mixed patterns are ideal for the sunny weather, comfortably carrying you to the beach, your local farmers market or a friend’s house for a summer barbeque.

The added height will make your entire ensemble feel dressy and feminine without forcing you to sacrifice comfort. They will quickly become your summer favourites.

Colour Blocking

Stay on trend by matching a pair of brightly-coloured Crocs with an equally vibrant handbag. Not only will the colour blocking create cohesion and flow throughout your look, but it will also allow you to experiment with bold colours if you are trying something new.

Go one step further and throw on a coordinating jacket or sweater to carry on the colour theme. Use a pair of distressed blue or faded black jeans to create the perfect base to build your outfit. Keep the shades as closely matched as you can, but allow for some variance to create a sense of contrast.

Business Casual to Weekend Ready

Your favourite houndstooth dress and black leather tote, or a pair of tailored pants and a sophisticated button-down are ideal for the office or a formal event but could look out of place for a causal weekend get-together.

However, there is no better way to dress these garments down and make them suitable for all occasions than pairing them with a neutral pair of platform Crocs. Not only will they extend the versatility of your work clothes, but you will also have a stylish footwear alternative for long morning work commutes or after-work drinks with friends.

Black Chic

There is nothing more chic than a black head-to-toe look. You instantly looked pulled together and ready to tackle the day. Swapping out your go-to black heels and summer sandals with a comfortable pair of Crocs will elevate your comfort level without taking away from your overall style.

To keep an all-black outfit looking attractive and styled, incorporate multiple different textures and materials, like a quilted puffer jacket, leather handbag, fitted jeans or a silk blouse.

Combining Neutrals

Although Crocs are excellent for injecting colour into your wardrobe, those who prefer a neutral and more muted colour palette will not have to miss out. Below-the-knee linen dresses, flowing linen plants and oversized linen button-downs in neutral tones will combine perfectly with Crocs in black, beige, cream and white.

You will be the epitome of cool, calm and collected, ready to tackle the beach or sit poolside with a stylish summer hat and protective sunglasses.

Playing With Prints

Since it first hit the market, the Crocs range has exploded to include many different colours, prints and patterns. From tie-dye and leopard print to tropical designs and checkered prints, there are plenty of opportunities to play around with fun combinations.

Forget everything you have heard about mixing prints and instead play around by mixing and matching stripes, spots and the various creative patterns they have on offer for the ultimate summer look. It will instantly make you feel whimsical while remaining stylish and grown-up.

Colour Pops

Clothing is meant for self-expression, and for those who love to experiment with bright and bold colours, transfer your simple neutrals into eye-catching ensembles by using your Crocs to insert bright pops of colour. And thanks to their endless range of colours and patterns from which to choose, you can pick any colour under the sun.

Darker hues like black and grey will create the perfect background for the colour to stand out and make a statement. Go the extra mile by adding an accessory like a scarf, headband or statement jewellery that is in the same shade to complete your look.

Keeping Things Simple

Crocs were made to be comfortable and casual, so you will never miss the mark pairing them with your favourite casualwear to follow the same vibe. Match your favourite pair with a crisp white t-shirt – an absolute closest staple – and a pair of black boyfriend jeans or comfortable summer shorts.

Complete your look with a simple crossbody bag, your favourite sunnies and minimal jewellery for this easy weekend outfit, perfect for a Sunday market or brunch with the girls.


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