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7 Reasons Why Fruit Presents Are The Coolest & Are Here To Stay!

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Even when you know someone closely, you might not know what things they would appreciate as a gift. That’s where the problem lies. You want to give them something thoughtful, nice, something useful yet you have no idea what!

Well, here’s what we think. Change your thoughts a little.

What about a fruit bouquet?

If you are slightly hesitant about choosing fruits as a gift or you’re thinking, “A fruit basket, really?”, then say no more. Simply take a look at these 7 reasons why fruits are a smart gifting idea and then decide.

#1 Health Is Truly Wealth

It’s no surprise that fruits are good for our health and well-being. There’s always a fruit that your loved ones will like and are fond of. Even for someone who thinks fruits are boring, they will certainly have a few fruits that they eat without complaining, thanks to the variety of tastes made possible by nature.

 #2 Something Thoughtful

The constant and never-ending struggle of trying to give something ‘thoughtful’ can be persistent, but with a fruit basket, it finally ends and how! With something so good and healthy, the recipient knows you have given a thought to their health. Whether it’s oranges or kiwis or bananas, you can always put them all together or arrange them separately while preparing a gift.

#3 A Fun Day For The Taste Buds

A typical, everyday fruit basket comes with a variety of different flavoured fruits, like strawberries, bananas, grapes, pineapples, etc., that are all delicious to share with your family. You could either eat them one by one or make a custard out of them! Isn’t that just lovely? Time to YouTube and search for some fruity recipes.

#4 A Gift For The Entire Family!

Fruits can be served at every event. Say, you are giving a fruit basket to someone who is having a birthday party. All the guests could come and enjoy the basket, and your friend gets to be more generous. It’s like a situation where everyone gets to be happy. Even you, seeing your gift getting enjoyed by all.

 #5 Presentation Is Essential

Sure you cannot put a flashy gift wrapper to these fruits but you can, however, arrange them in different ways. There are a lot of ways that you can arrange the fruit basket using different themes. For example, fruits can be cut in pieces and you can also arrange them in a way to make it look like a cake. Or maybe even a Halloween ghost, depending on the occasion, of course.

#6 An Element Of Surprise

While a properly wrapped gift can arise an element of suspense, a fruit basket, on the other hand, will create an element of surprise for the recipient. It’s because not everybody thinks of getting a fruit basket, but it’s not something they will not like or not remember.

 #7 Multiple Options – So Much To Choose From

Gifting a fruit basket definitely comes with the advantages like customisation and flexibility. You could choose which are the fruits that must not go inside the basket, or which are the ones that should go with different flavours.

For example, if your friend likes grapes, you can choose different types of grapes. Or if they don’t like a type of grapes, you can choose not to add it at all. If someone doesn’t like bananas at all, you can choose that there’s no banana inside.


It’s understandable that with all the simple qualities that fruits provide, they are a really thoughtful, innovative and creative gift. Also, have you realised that this gift can be perfect for every age group? Let us know who you gave fruits to?


Photo by Thimo Pedersen on Unsplash.


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