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7 Easy DIY Gifts for Your Parents

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We always strive to find the best gift so that the recipient would be happy. But what if the recipient is not just a colleague or a distant relative, but some of the most important people in your life – your parents? This is where you have to go above and beyond your usual store-bought gifts and come up with something really heartfelt and original. And since now is the age of DIY boom, it’s only fitting if your gift for your mom and/or dad would be made or designed by you. Let’s have a look at 7 amazing gifts you can create that would make your folks happy.

Personalised Mugs

There is no such thing as too many mugs in a kitchen (or on a coffee table). So surprise your parents with a set of matching personalised mugs. You can either take basic white mugs and write something funny or heartwarming with a Sharpie. If you want to do this with more swag, then have pictures printed on their mugs. These could be photos of their grandkids, pictures from their wedding, or some funny cartoonish version of them to cheer them up whenever they pour tea or coffee into these mugs.

Neck Pillow with a Secret

One will never understand the benefits of a neck pillow until they try it. So if your parents drive a lot or just have constant unpleasant sensation in their necks, make a little neck helper for them. You’ll only need a sock, a bag of rice and a couple of drops of lavender oil. Just fill up ⅔ of the sock with rice and sprinkle it with 10 drops of oil. Finally, sew the sock shut. A little tip – once you present your folks with this gift, tell them to heat up the pillow for the best effect.

Custom Calendar

If your parents have a lot of things going on in their lives, they might be having a hard time keeping up. That is why a personalised calendar would be an awesome asset for them. There is no need to turn to a professional to design it. You can do it by yourself using a convenient photo calendar creator. With it, you’d be able to make calendars of any type – wall, desk, pocket, spiral-bound, etc. You’ll be able to come up with the design for it, but also decide what holidays would be marked in it. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to create your own holidays like birthdays and anniversaries and decorate the corresponding cells with cliparts and celebrants’ pictures.

DIY Wine Rack

Well, who doesn’t love a glass of wine at dinner? And since it’s not only a treat but a kind of ritual as well, make sure that your parents store their wine in a beautiful way. That is why you need to make them a wine rack that would hold a bottle and two glasses. This particular DIY gift might be the most time- and resources-consuming, but the end result will be an ergonomic piece of art.

Family Recipe Book

Since family recipes are heavily guarded treasures, they need to be kept properly. This is when a family recipe book comes in handy. To make one, you’ll need a regular notebook, paints, colorful paper and any scrapbooking materials that would look good. Paint something wholesome on the cover of the book, divide it into several sections with colourful markets and add a bit of scrapbooking magic with ribbons, craft paper, etc.

Their Photo on Wood

Forget about ordinary framed pictures and try something unusual. Gift your parents with a lovely picture of them transferred to a piece of wood. For that you’ll need a flat piece of wood, a gel medium, and their pic. Just cover the pic with the medium, then press it to the wood. Let it sit overnight, then gently scrape the paper off. And you’ll have a majestic art piece.

DIY Coasters

This is where your fantasy can rule. There are quite a number of DIY coaster options, but we’ll share with you the most beautiful and accessible. First off, you can easily make cork coasters – with only a few corks and glue. Next, you can design your own coasters out of polymer clay. Alternatively, you can have coasters printed at a local photo studio with pictures of your choice.


Well, you see – there are tons of ways to create a gift for your mom and dad that will not only be cute to look at, but will also be a great household item. So pick the gift you think your parents will love most and get busy!


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