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Advice and experience to help you support and protect your parents and their rights.

Financial planning for your parents as they age

Collaborative Post As your parents or loved ones get older, their financial landscapes will start to look dramatically different and so will their needs change too. It’s never easy to see our parents age. With age comes a whole new body of challenges and issues that extend past healthcare and general aches and pains. Helping […]

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Financial planning – the secret to a happy retirement

Collaborative Post We all want to be as happy as we can. That’s true for all periods of our lives. However, there are some periods when happiness is slightly more valued than others. Take retirement, for instance. Having worked hard all your life, you’ll want to spend your retirement years in peace, comfort, and happiness. […]

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The Next of Kin Myth

There’s a strong belief that if someone loses capacity to make decisions for themselves for some reason – perhaps an accident or dementia – then the next of kin can take responsibility. But actually both the concept and the rights of next of kin are not as clear cut as we might think. Here are […]

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Underpaid State Pensions affect 134,000 people

In the continuing sage of the people who were underpaid State Pensions to the tune of £1billiion, it’s now thought that around 134,000 mostly women have been affected. The catalogue of errors that created the shortfall, uncovered originally by This is Money, has been heavily criticised by the National Audit Office. The problem has seen […]

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How to Protect Your Valuables as You Get Older

Collaborative Post Keeping track of all of your possessions can be difficult as you get older. You might find that you’re constantly misplacing items, and have to spend five minutes rooting around for your keys every time you leave the house. For smaller, more valuable items, this problem is even more pressing, as these are […]

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The pros and cons of equity release

Collaborative Post Equity release helps provide homeowners with a sum of money or an income in exchange for part of the value of their home. It’s ideal for people above the age of 55 who need an injection of cash to help supplement them, but don’t want to sell their home. Why do people choose […]

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