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What happens to my pension if I move abroad?

Collaborative Post Moving abroad is an exciting step, particularly if you are moving for a happy, sunny, peaceful retirement. However, one of the more stressful aspects of making a big move abroad is sorting out your financials. Exchange rates, purchasing a home in your chosen destination and opening a new bank account can all be […]

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Are your relatives spending too much on their necessities?

Collaborative Post You want your mum and dad to keep their independence and live their own lives. However, maybe you can’t help but notice they’re forking out a little more than they need to when it comes to buying the necessities of life. Ranging from their average food shop to how much they’re spending on […]

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Planning ahead – tips to help older relatives build solid financial foundations

Collaborative Post Planning ahead is beneficial at any stage in life, but it’s particularly important to think about your financial future as you approach retirement and your senior years. If you’re helping your parents or other older relatives to build solid financial foundations, here are some useful tips. Retirement planning and pensions Most of us […]

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How you can help your parents prepare for retirement

Collaborative Post People often think that when you get to retirement age, all you have to look forward to is filling up your days with activities now you are no longer at work. Sadly, this isn’t always the case as many people are working until later in life, and the onset of age-related health conditions […]

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The ultimate guide to avoiding online fraud in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity and challenge of introducing older family members to the pleasures and pitfalls of the internet. But avoiding the predators is a long-term task. And it won’t be an easy one for anyone who isn’t constantly up-to-date and alert to the latest attempts to steal their data and […]

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How to help ageing parents with debt

Collaborative Post Debt among over-65s is on the rise. It’s a big cause of stress and depression in older people, and can take its toll on many people’s physical health. If your parents are struggling with debt, here are some of the ways in which you can help. Why older people get into debt There […]

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