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Advice and experience to help you support and protect your parents and their rights.

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Written by Rebecca Lenton As our parent’s get older their healthcare needs can change considerably. With complicated health conditions comes lengthy NHS and local authority assessments that can leave both you and your parent in a state of confusion. It can be difficult to understand how these processes can be of benefit to your parent […]

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What happens if a relative dies intestate?

The death of a relative is always a difficult emotional time for the surviving family members and friends, but if the deceased died without having made a valid Last Will and Testament, additional stresses can be placed upon the family and friends when it’s time to deal with the disbursal of the deceased’s estate. Probate […]

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How to contest a will and why

There are all sorts of reasons why people might be unhappy about the contents of a will, from concern about undue influence to surprise at who’s received what. For anyone who wants to contest a will after the fact, it’s a complicated and arduous process. David Williamson of Coles Solicitors explains why and how. Understanding […]

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