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Advice and experience to help you support and protect your parents and their rights.

Smart Tax Planning for the Elderly

Collaborative Post Your twilight years are a time that you should be able to relax and enjoy, free from many of the hassles that plague working life. Unfortunately, taxation is one thing that you can’t escape. Even when you’re elderly, you’ll need to be aware of your financial affairs. Taxation might not be the most […]

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Things to consider before getting 50+ insurance

Collaborative Post As our loved ones get older, they may notice that they are bombarded more and more with advertisements trying to sell them life insurance policies. It’s not a bad idea to consider speaking to your loved one about some of these as they can help to make sure that they get the coverage […]

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Is it too late to invest your money?

Collaborative Post You might think it’s too late for your parents or grandparents to invest their money when they reach a certain age, but this isn’t the case. Here’s why… It’s never too late for an older person to invest their money, and it can actually be beneficial for them to do it. There are […]

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Sorting out your finances in 2021

Collaborative Post After the last year, we are really feeling the pinch lately and it is time to move forward and get our finances back on track. Give A Budgeting Tracker A Go Budgeting is now easier than ever. There are so many different types of apps available on your phone and tablets now. These […]

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3 qualities to seek in a credible estate agent business

Collaborative Post Finding the best estate agents to deal with an individual’s property needs is obviously something that is highly important. At the end of the day, buying or selling a property is not something which is done lightly – a lot of money exchanges hand and sometimes there is a high-risk factor associated. Therefore, […]

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What happens to my pension if I move abroad?

Collaborative Post Moving abroad is an exciting step, particularly if you are moving for a happy, sunny, peaceful retirement. However, one of the more stressful aspects of making a big move abroad is sorting out your financials. Exchange rates, purchasing a home in your chosen destination and opening a new bank account can all be […]

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Are your relatives spending too much on their necessities?

Collaborative Post You want your mum and dad to keep their independence and live their own lives. However, maybe you can’t help but notice they’re forking out a little more than they need to when it comes to buying the necessities of life. Ranging from their average food shop to how much they’re spending on […]

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