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What are the situations when I might need the help of a no-win no-fee solicitor?

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When you’re injured and it isn’t your fault, you may feel as though you deserve compensation. However, the process of getting it can be daunting and the legal jargon can make it more difficult for some individuals.

The term no-win no-fee is one you’ll usually see surrounding personal injury or medical negligence claims, but what does it mean?

We explain what it is, when you might need it, and a typical process you’ll follow when making a claim. You shouldn’t suffer because of someone else’s mistake, so read more below and start your claims journey today.

What does no-win no-fee mean?

No-win no-fee is a common phrase used by solicitors when you make a claim. It means that if they take your case on and you lose, you won’t have to pay any legal fees. You’ll usually be offered it if your case is likely to win, but your solicitor should let you know if they’ve taken your case on a no-win no-fee basis.

If you win your no-win no-fee claim, your solicitors will get a pre-agreed percentage of the total compensation you’ve been awarded.

This type of claim ensures those who have been injured and it wasn’t their fault aren’t risking more of their finances to seek justice.

When would I need the help of a no-win no-fee lawyer?

Accidents at work

Accidents are, unfortunately, common in the workplace. In 2022/23, more than 560,000 workers suffered an injury while completing their everyday tasks. Common causes of this include slips, trips or falls, manual handling, falling objects and being struck by machines.

Many accidents at work happen because of negligent safety procedures, which could mean the injured party can bring a claim against their employer for compensation.

Medical negligence

Medical professionals have a duty of care for their patients. When there’s a breach of care and the patient is injured, medical negligence has occurred. According to data from 2022/23, there were more than 13,000 medical negligence claims against the NHS, showing how common they can sometimes be.

This is a serious offence because it can cause future complications and sometimes death, which means the affected patients could claim against the healthcare facility.

Common types of medical negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical negligence
  • Anaesthesia error
  • Failure to warn against risks and side effects
  • Prescription error
  • Pregnancy or birthing issues
Accidents in public

Accidents in public can cause severe injuries, leaving us unable to work or live a normal life. If these accidents aren’t our fault, we’re within our rights to bring a claim against those at fault.

Types of accidents in public you may see include uneven surfaces, slippery floors, poor lighting and road collisions.

What is the process for making a claim with a no-win no-fee lawyer?

The claims process is made as simple as possible for your peace of mind. It’s important to bear in mind that contacting a specialist no-win no-fee solicitor doesn’t mean you have to make a claim. They’ll simply advise whether you have grounds to claim and answer your questions.

The full process, however, will look something like this:

  • Contact a solicitor and explain your circumstances. They can advise whether you have a strong or weak case.
  • Gather evidence that supports your claim.
  • Meet with your solicitor to discuss your accident in more detail.
  • Let them build your case.
  • Agree settlement or go to court.
  • Be awarded your compensation.

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This article is for information only. Please seek expert advice before making any legal or financial decisions.

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