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3 Home Renovation Tips for Moving in Older Relatives

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Caring for our older relatives is something that many of us undertake at some point in our lives. This can mean visiting them every day to ensure that they have everything they need, seeing to their utilities, completing their washing and food shopping, and ensuring that they take any medication that they might need.

However, the time may come when it’s easier for everyone for your relative to move in with you. Whichever care route you choose to take for an ailing parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, there is potentially help out there for you. Be sure to look into the possibility of a carer’s allowance to give you an extra bit of assistance.

If you’re preparing your home for an elderly relative, then here are three potential renovations that you could make.

Downstairs Bedroom and Bathroom

As we get older, navigating the stairs can be a challenge. While of course you can have a stairlift installed, this is a big change.

Instead, if you have the space to switch around some of your rooms, consider converting some of your downstairs space into a bedroom and bathroom. This way, your relatives won’t have to climb the stairs every time they need the bathroom, or to go to sleep at night.

In fact, having a downstairs bathroom is a great investment in your property. If the day comes where you want to sell up, the extra bathroom can add value and attract more buyers.

A Comfortable Mattress

Ensuring that your relative has a good night’s sleep is essential. While they might end up moving in quicker than you expected them to, they shouldn’t be sleeping on the sofa bed every night!

It’s important to get their room set up as quickly as you can and ensuring that they have a comfortable bed will make them feel more at home and be better for their ageing body.

If you’re looking to upgrade your spare room’s mattress, then the experts at Archers Sleep Centre can help you find the perfect solution for your mattress needs.

Watch Out for Hazards

Making sure that your floor is free from trip and slip hazards is essential, especially because as we get older, we become less steady on our feet, and a bad fall can do serious damage.

Invest in storage solutions that will keep your kids’ toys tidied away when they aren’t using them.

And, if you have rugs, look into anti-slip rug underlays such as those stocked by The Rug Seller. This way your relatives can navigate their way across your spaces with more confidence that the rug won’t come out from underneath them.


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