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Ideas for saving money this winter

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The arrival of winter is not something many people look forward to. The temperatures drop, darkness falls earlier, and things can start to feel a bit more miserable. And this winter could feel more challenging than most. The UK’s ongoing cost of living crisis means many households will have to watch their spending carefully to make ends meet.

Much of the concern centres around the rising energy bills. This is sure to become an even greater issue as we head into the colder months. So, what can you do to save a little money this year? Here are a few tips that might help.

 Adjust your food shop

Meal planning can make a huge difference to the amount of food you waste. If you map out your meals for the week ahead, you’ll know exactly what ingredients you need from the shops. Stick to your list, avoid impulse purchases, and you’ll soon see your food bill come down. Plus, you can switch from big-name brands to your supermarket’s own range. These are likely to be less expensive.

Cancel unwanted subscriptions

This could be a gym membership you never use or a TV package that you rarely watch. Whatever it is, getting rid of these subscriptions could save you hundreds of pounds over the year. And for those that you do want to keep, you should use a VPN for Android for help finding the best deals for your online purchases.

Use a budgeting app

If you need a little assistance mapping out your finances, there are plenty of apps available. To start with, enter your regular incomings and outgoings. You can then start to build up a better understanding of your situation. Identify where you spend most of your money and set clearly defined savings targets.

Curb your habits

We all have our vices, and unfortunately, most of them cost money. You still need to enjoy your life, but now might be the time to cut back on the likes of eating out, drinking, or even smoking. They may not seem like much as one-off costs, but they can soon amount to a lot of money when added together throughout the winter.

Stay sensible this Christmas

Christmas is a time for sharing gifts, but most of all, it’s a time for spending quality time with our loved ones. You don’t have to purchase an expensive present to show them you care. So, make a deal with your friends and family this Christmas. Forego gifts altogether or agree to stick to a small budget. After all, it’s the thought that counts.


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