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5 Cheap Ways to Help Your Family Stay Warm This Winter

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At the time of writing, the weather is turning much colder in the UK. After a glorious summer, and two record-breaking heat waves, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the mercury is steadily dropping each morning.

As family members of elderly relatives, there are things you can do to help them get through the winter in as much of a warm and safe way as possible.

Invest in an Electric Blanket

Although the cost of electricity is currently at a record high, electric blankets run at a much lower cost than a radiator, and many are constructed with timer options so that they automatically switch off.

This means that your family member can sit in front of the TV, or in bed and stay cosy for as long as possible without having to move to turn it off. According to Ideal Home magazine, running an electric blanket for one hour in the UK in 2022 currently costs around 3p, compared to gas central heating at around £1.12 per hour.

Switch Up Your Kitchen Appliance Use

With the cost of living rising, overhauling your kitchen appliance usage is becoming more popular. The average electric oven now costs around 40p per hour to run, and the average hob costs around 88p per hour.

In comparison, using items like air fryers and slow cookers can help you save a significant amount of money per year, with an air fryer costing around 30p per hour to use, and a slow cooker costs around 10p per hour.

By using these appliances, you can batch cook hearty casseroles, soups and other sauce-based meals over an 8 hour period. Many air fryers also contain additional settings like dehydration, roasting and baking, which makes your cooking experience even more versatile.

Invest in New Windows

Although this is by no means a cheap option initially, it will help to create more comfortable living conditions, and you will receive a return investment over the coming years. Installing new windows will also reduce the likelihood of developing damp and mould in your house, particularly if you currently have single glazed windows installed in your house. Good news is, currently in the UK there are grants for new windows available to take a load off your budget and provide long-term insulation of your home.

Companies like Halifax Glass who are glass experts, can help you find the best double glazing solutions for your windows, whether you have full length glass doors, bay windows, you name it!

Oodies are the Future!

Only a very recent trend, the Oodie has taken off in popularity during the cost of living crisis.

The Oodie is an oversized hoodie, lined with cruelty-free and vegan sherpa fleece and soft flannel that will keep you cosy in the place of a standard jumper, perfect for days when you’re lounging around the house.

They also have a fleece-lined hood and large pockets, and are incredibly durable, making them excellent value for money. You can even buy bundles paired with weighted blankets, and other nightwear for a discounted price.


Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash


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