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5 Tips On Whether To Claim For A Permanent Brain Injury In New Jersey

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Brain injuries can be really severe.

In some cases, you have to carry the effects of your brain injury for the rest of your life. It also can result in some permanent disabilities.


As a result of that, you can lose your current job and also can not get any other job. You might need to settle for some other job options that were not at all on your bucket list.

It means the damages that you need to suffer from a brain injury can cost you a lot. That is why you always should make your claim. Especially when the brain injury is permanent, it can alter your life completely even more so than neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.

After all, you need some security for the rest of your life. So, you need to ensure that you are making a fair claim, and you also need to ensure that you are getting one.

5 Tips On Whether To Claim For A Permanent Brain Injury In New Jersey

You always should remember that the insurance company of the responsible party will always try to either settle for a lesser claim amount or hold you completely or at least partially responsible for your own injury.

But no matter what, you need to keep everything in a proper position so that you will get the claim amount that you fairly deserve. It should include both your wage loss and medical expenses.

For permanent brain injuries, usually, the treatment procedure lasts till your last breath. So, you must make sure you are making a pretty nice claim.

Here we will guide you with some tips that will help you in making a claim for a permanent brain injury in New Jersey.

Tip No. 1: Report The Injury To The Concerned Authority

The very first thing you should do is report your injury to the concerned authority. If your brain injury is the result of a car accident, you should inform the insurance company. If you meet with an accident due to someone else’s fault, you need to inform the concerned authority.

And in case you met with an accident and got permanent brain injury at your workplace, your employer should be informed.

It should be your first priority. In case you do not inform the concerned authority earliest, your claim might get rejected. It will be best to follow the official and formal process of information. Instead of just letting them know, an official mail will be the best.

This way, you will also have this documented.

Tip No. 2: Get Immediate Medical Help

Brain injuries can be too bad to believe. During the accident, you might not be able to identify any signs of brain injuries, or it might feel like just a small jolt in the head. But taking medical treatment is a must.

Only a medical professional will be able to identify any type of internal injury. You also should conduct all the medical checkups and identification processes that will prove your injuries. Otherwise, it will become difficult to prove that your injury is the result of the same accident that you met at your workplace.

Tip No. 3: Build Your Case

If you are expecting that you will file your claim and you will get the claim, you are wrong. You need to make some serious effort, and also, the process is not that simple. Always remember that permanent brain injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are one of the most serious injuries.

And no one is just going to give you ransom money just like that. You have to prove that the concerned authority is completely liable for your injury and that you do not share any liability. Apart from that, you also need to evaluate a proper claim amount.

Handling all these things is not at all easy. Only an experienced permanent brain injury lawyer will be able to keep everything in its proper place and prepare your case.

Tip No. 4: File Your Brain Injury Claim

You need to file your claim, of course.

You need to file the claim within a specific amount of time and also by following a proper legal procedure. Your claim also must include all the documents, medical reports, and medical bills as well.

Different states have different timelines. When you are in New Jersey, you have to file the claim within two years from the date of the injury. Any claim after that gets rejected.

Final Tip: Get A New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyer

When you get a permanent brain injury, you definitely need proper medical attention and treatment. During that time, you will not be able to handle all these legal proceedings. So it will be best to hire an experienced attorney who will take care of all the things on your behalf.

Meanwhile, you can invest your full focus on your treatment. Also, the insurance company will always try to settle for less than what you deserve. Only legal professionals will be able to negotiate with the party and get you what you deserve.

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