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Financial planning – the secret to a happy retirement

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We all want to be as happy as we can. That’s true for all periods of our lives. However, there are some periods when happiness is slightly more valued than others. Take retirement, for instance. Having worked hard all your life, you’ll want to spend your retirement years in peace, comfort, and happiness. While there are many things that’ll contribute towards that feeling, perhaps the most important factor will be the state of your finances. If they’re in good condition, then you’ll find it much easier to live well!

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can plan ahead so that there are no surprises when you enter retirement.

How Much Will You Need?

Many people get caught out when they retire because they don’t realise how much money they’ll need to maintain their lifestyle. This is something you should do well ahead of retirement, just so you have a clear idea of what’s involved. You’ll probably already have a sense of your monthly expenses and so forth. In retirement, you can take away costs such as the price of commuting and work-related expenses. You may be able to trim your lifestyle in other areas, too. However, you’ll likely spend more money on leisure activities.

Property Plans

If you own your property, then you’ll have a good nest egg that can help with your retirement. You’ll have a couple of options. You could negotiate a mortgage that releases equity, or you could downsize and move to a new property. The latter option is what most people elect to do. It could be worthwhile speaking with a financial planner; they’ll be able to tell you the right time for you to make a property-related decision based on your financial needs.

Healthcare and Other Costs

There’s no avoiding the fact that our health needs change as we get older. You will likely find that you spend more money on healthcare than you did earlier in your life. At some point, you might find that you need some additional help to live life to the fullest. Even if it’s not needed now, it’s a good idea to get a sense of live in care costs, so you know what you could end up paying in the future. You may also decide to sell your property and move into a retirement home.

Living Well

Finally, remember that your retirement years can be the best years of your life. You’ll have the freedom to do whatever it is that you want to do! As such, it’s a good idea to set aside some money for purely having fun. It could be so that you can visit that country you always wanted to visit or have a lifestyle that involves going out for dinner at the best restaurants. All of these things will cost a lot of money, of course, but it’s worthwhile. After all, you’ll have worked hard throughout your life, so now you’ll have a great chance.

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