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How to spot a good care home for your loved one

Choosing a good care home

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No one wants to be put into a care home, and no one likes the responsibility of picking one. The thought of it is worrying for both parties, but there are plenty of establishments out there that provide high-quality care and a loving environment for those you love dearly. Here is how to spot a good care home.

The atmosphere

We can often figure out the atmosphere of a place as soon as we walk into the room. It might give you feelings of comfort, or it can you put you on edge. The atmosphere is a big and important factor when looking for a care home, and you should pay close attention to how you feel about the place. A place like Porthaven should be on your list as its care homes provide a whole new level of care home living.

 Pay attention to the staff

The staff are crucial because they hold the responsibility of looking after your loved one. Leaving them in the hands of strangers is worrying enough, so you want to make sure that they are being looked after by caring and passionate individuals. When visiting a care home, you should openly chat with every assistant you come into contact with to get a good understanding of how they behave. Sure, a lot of them might put on a more pleasant and happier front, but you can immediately tell if someone has a caring nature or not in that type of environment.

Look carefully at quality

A lot of care homes cost a substantial amount of money, and therefore you would expect to see the quality in a property from the money that they’ve spent on it. Just like you would when viewing a property to buy, it’s a good idea to take a notepad and pen (or just use your phone) to take notes on what you like and what you don’t like. Look at everything from the catering to what they provide for their tenants in terms of days out. Even though they’re in a care home, it doesn’t mean that their life has to end as soon as they move in. You want to see a high quality of care in both the home and the quality of life.

 Happiness of the residents

Just like the employees, the residents’ level of happiness can be clear from the moment you walk through the door. When the residents and staff have good relationships, it shows, and there’s plenty of examples where you’d be able to see residents that are happy and where they aren’t. Paying attention to this is essential as this will give you an indication as to whether it’s the right kind of environment for your loved one to be in. Care homes have a habit of allowing residents to become less active and that can end up making a residents condition much worse.

Picking a care home is tough, and it’s no easy decision. So take the process slowly and more importantly, take it seriously so that your loved one ends up going into the best one for their needs.

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